Most people are terrible at debating and get way too aggressive or emotional to have a mature, calm, level-headed debate or discussion.

I realized debating or arguing with most of the population (even friends and family) is actually completely pointless because very few people can handle it. They are either too emotional about it or far too aggressive. They don’t seem to understand the concept of having perspective about the other side, they are allergic to actually listening to any opinion or circumstances different from theirs, and refuse to acknowledge any valid points and concerns the other side has to offer. It’s like they just want to attack you and force you to say they are right. I believe a real debate is not to disprove who is right or wrong, but to offer a different perspective and provide logical arguments and support. But apparently most of the population doesn’t see it this way and that is why you just cannot have a real debate or opposing discussion with majority of people.


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