My boss told me she was paying my replacement more and she expects to be able ask me questions indefinitely after I leave.

I’m leaving my second job after a year of draining work with a controlling boss who doesn’t actually understand anything administrative. It’s a small private mental health practice and I was the only one in the office from March to September. I’m burnt out.

I taught myself 95% of that job and put so many systems in place that I created, which they desperately needed in case of an audit. When we hired a new person in September, my boss told me we were going to be paid the same and freaked out at me for any time we both spent on the clock as I trained her. Pretty soon, I was answering a million questions off the clock.

Last week, I told her I plan to leave but didn’t give a specific time frame as she is a genuinely good therapist and I didn’t want to leave the practice in a lurch by being abrupt. She texted me on Saturday and told me I was training my replacement on Wednesday.

Two minutes before the replacement got there, she informed me she was giving a raise to the other girl and starting the new girl at a few dollars an hour more than I make ($16). When the girl got there, my boss told her that I’m too anxious for the job and implied I’m not capable of being a therapist (my goal - I start grad school this year).

I told my boss I’d be available for three weeks from my last day to answer questions by text as I’m still the only one who knows a lot of things, but that I’d no longer be available after that. She just looks me in the eye and shrugged and says “I mean I’ll always be able to ask you.” And I just froze.

I’m so angry and hurt. I feel that I’ve been taken advantage of for the last year and that she’s still trying to.

Edit: I know I’ve messed up in trying to keep the relationship and what I’ve let her get away with. Hopefully I can be strong and firm as I leave and chalk this up to a learning experience.

Edit 2: Wow the response has been huge. You guys definitely woke me up. I just sent out a practice wide email, letting everyone know my last day is Wednesday and they need to ask me any questions they have before then. I laid out some expectations, not quite as firm as some of you suggested but it’s a huge step in advocating for myself which I’ve always struggled with. Thanks for the feedback!


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