Exercise IS hard and some people will never like it.

A popular "unpopular opinion" posted here is stuff along the lines of "Exercise is so easy and people just neef motivation." or "It's not hard to find something you like to do for fitness."

Bullshit. Exercising is literally the definition of forced torture. You push yourself to the point of stress on purpose. It causes aches and often injuries. You are also mindlessly doing pointless movements which are basically just wasting time when you could be doing more productive things like making art, cleaning, writing a book, or just producing something useful for society. It is the LAST thing I want to do to 'relax'.

Nothing about excess physial activity is appealing to me and I will never like it. Sports can be fun but they often feel unregulated and one-sided, unlike a tactical video game which uses algorithms to match you up with people actually on your skill level. I hate sweating and smelling gross, I hate wasting my already very little energy on some bullshit workout that gets me no results and just makes me instabtly tired. I hate stresing about what I eat all the time when I already have fairly healthy low-carb meals daily and are at a good weight. I just hate all of it. No amount of convincing can motivate me to work out- I am DEFINITELY not going to sacrifice my already fucked up sleep schedule to wake up early, it will ruin the tiny balance I have between my morning meds and staying awake for the entire day. I am NOT going to waste my afternoon time traveling all the way to a gym and back because I already feel like I have no time left for actual projects I want to work on.

Exercising sucks, it's boring and a waste of energy.


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