TIFU by graduating college with a degree that I truly couldn’t care less about.

Yup. 5 years and $73,000 of student loans later, I’m graduating in a week with a business-related degree and the recurring thought keeps hitting me, “wait a minute here, I don’t even like business. In fact, business is the absolute worst.”

Nobody else is at fault here but myself of course, and at this point I can’t help but laugh. I could’ve changed my major at some point, I certainly had to enough time to do so during the 5 FUCKING YEARS IT TOOK ME TO GRADUATE, but instead my dumbass just hoped that business would end up growing on me. It did not.

I always loved the arts but I couldn’t stomach the idea of pursuing a degree that seems to offer such serious job insecurity. Instead I chose the safe route, and now that’s even harder to stomach. Hah oh dear...

I made my bed time to sleep in it I guess lol whoops.

TLDR: I chose safety instead of fulfillment and now I have a degree that I don’t give a gosh darn fuck about. Follow ur dreams bitch.


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