For the love of shit on a stick, Joe needs to shut the fuck up about covid

Edit: Jesus Christ lol. So many smoothbrains here that think I’m triggered about joes opinion. I’m not, nor have I ever been, upset by Rogan’s opinion of something. I’m just pissed that a once-great podcast is no longer that great. Seems to me like the Rogan simps are the triggers ones. “Waaaahhhh he shouldn’t tell people how to do podcasts” “joe can do whatever he wants cause he’s a conversationalist god” “I’m mad cause you have an opinion that I don’t like so that means you’re the one that’s triggered”. Just stop lol you’re embarrassing yourself

Every single episode for the last year has contained at least 5 minutes of covid ranting, and it’s the same spiel every single time. I get that it’s the easiest thing to go off on a tangent about in current times but it’s so fucking repetitive and it’s so old and stale now. It drives me crazy. We get it, you have a whole variety of guests and they all have a hot take and you have your own hot take, but nobody gives a shit at this point. Talk about the interesting topics. This podcast is stale and needs refreshment.

I’m not even gonna mention the other weirdness that’s been going on ever since he moved to Spotify. I can put up with all that. Just stfu about covid. We get it. We got it a year ago after the first time you talked about it and we’ve continued to get it every episode since

I realize the irony of this post. There’s probably a few hundred on this sub exactly like it. I know I can’t be the only one that’s fed up with this. I just needed to vent because this podcast used to be so damn entertaining and now it isn’t :(

Edit: no shit, no ones forcing me to listen. That’s a stupid ass argument. Of course I’m gonna bitch about it when something that was once great turns to shit. If you don’t like it then don’t click on my post. See? That’s annoying af


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