TIFU by flirting with an off duty cop

I was at chili’s this evening for a nice meal, after a 10 hour shift at the construction site. I sat (socially distanced) next to a cute brunette in likely her late twenties at the bar. She initiated a conversation about the Bills shirt I was wearing, and how they’re playing tonight. Things got very flirty, at which point our meals were through. She gave me the “I have nothing to do tonight, I’m so bored!” Signal that she wanted to hang, at which point I offered for us to watch the game and smoke some Mary Jane. She fakes a laugh and tells me her job doesn’t allow her to smoke and they drug test. I figure she’s a business woman or in some profession that tests drugs, so I ask what she does for a living. She says that she works for AustinPD. Oops. Thankfully I had already paid for my food so I could give her a polite nod and walk away in embarrassment. (Texas is not a weed state)

TL;DR I invited an off duty babe cop to smoke the devils lettuce with me in a state where weed is not legal

EDIT: I hate making edits but I find it necessary to clarify that yes I am aware that weed has been decriminalized in Austin (I literally live here). It was not the potential trouble that drew me away from the situation it was her reaction being not interested in taking things further because of it. Which is fine- weed is a part of my life and I’d rather things have ended there than wasted time and find out that was a deal breaker for her later on

EDIT 2: after a Cavalry of DMs of Dr. Phil’s informing me that my stoner lifestyle just made me miss out on my future wife- I am not a man bun flip flop stoner. I am a construction worker with back pain. Which I cure greatly with weed, a medicine I prefer over a bunch of pills. Here in my city, asking someone to come smoke is as common and nonchalant as alcohol.


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