TIFU by giving my co-worker a nickname on Facebook Messenger

Did you know that if you give someone a nickname on Facebook Messenger, the person you nicknamed is notified? Because I sure didn't!

I'm fairly good friends with this (attractive) co-worker, and we talk on Facebook Messenger pretty often.

About a month ago, I stumbled upon the "Nickname" function in Messenger, and I thought it'd be fun to name him "🍆 McBulgePants", because of the distinct... features that I've noticed when he wears certain pants.

He never said anything, so I thought my fun little secret was safe, until he sent me a message today:

"Hey, can you name me back to [name]? I don't want people to get the wrong impression".

Oh, I should mention we're both guys, he's straight, and I guess this is how he found out I'm gay, so things have been kind of awkward.

TL;DR came out to my coworker by accidentally highlighting his features in a nickname


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