I know this isn't the most important thing, but I am tired of hearing about how women like Joan of Arc, Marlene Dietrich, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale and other trailblazing women may have been trans men.

I am also tired of this trend of women that are gender non conforming to say they are non binary; when I was growing up a tomboy was just that a tomboy. Why are we getting so obsessed with gender that we now have all these weird identities like non binary, genderfluid, genderqueer. Those women that i mentioned above where women living in very sexist time period; there is no evidence that they where really men. Women wearing masculine attire does not mean she is a man. Joan of Arc did not even live a s a man nor did she fight. Florence Nightengale and Amelia Earhart may have not exactly been traditional women, but they where still women. It honestly worries me that society still holds these ideas that women that are not super conforming are not really women.


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