/r/Conservative can't decide if Tucker Carlson has joined Fox as leftist MSM or if the President doesn't have any evidence of voter fraud


So Sidney Powell keeps claiming she has the goods on the election fraud- which according to r/conservative is China working with Pelosi to alter votes in real time through corrupt Dominion voting machines. Tucker asked her to put up or shut up and now r/conservative is caught between mummy and daddy's divorce. Do they trust Tucker, a conservative firebrand who claimed he had the goods on Biden (but never did)? Or do they trust Sidney Powell, who's staking her professional credibility on a conspiracy they want to believe? Three threads capture the drama. Don't get whiplash.

Tucker Carlson: Time for Sidney Powell to show us her evidence

Sidney Powell: Will Prove Case 'Within Next Two Weeks' in Court

Carlson: 'Great News' if Powell Proves Tech Companies Switched Millions of Votes -- Uncovered 'Greatest Crime in the History of This Country'

If you ask me what's really going on? It's Fox News vs. Newsmax, but that's for another day.

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First the Tucker (Fox) thread:

"This is just a lose-lose situation at this point right? Either Trump is right that there is systemic voter fraud and we will probably see massive unrest (probably armed). Or Trump is the biggest sore loser and is making the Republicans look like fools for believing him."


"I think it's fairly clear that this point that there is no evidence of widespread fraud or even mistakes. They have had plenty of opportunities to present it. I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to be able to assess most information I have seen about purported issues, fraudulent or otherwise, and so I am relying on the courts to tell me if there is anything there. So far the courts have overwhelmingly said that there isn't, along with every election official I've read about, Democrat or Republican. That says a lot."


"I said it on another comment. If they have evidence of this, this isn't even about election fraud anymore. This is quite literally history changing levels of criminality that is arguably the greatest attack on the American people that we have seen. Frankly speaking, if I knew I had this level of evidence, I would not be waiting to release it. This goes way beyond winning an election and I say this without a hint of hyperbole. Pardon me if I'm getting tired and impatient."


"Can you believe the moron, bullet-headed extremists on TD dot w*n and "voat" are piling on Tucker for this, now calling him a "traitor leftist controlled opposition piece of shit" and literally threatening to kill his family? What the fuck is wrong with some of these blathering children on our side? They can't even put up with anyone leveling fair challenges internally on the right? Jesus."


"On the surface this election looks wrong. 1. Demographic gains by trump. (Only declined in white males) 2. The enormous down ballot victories by Republicans 3. Trump gaining 10 million seats and loosing (for perspective Obama lost 3 million in second term) 4. Biden, who couldn't get 15 people to a pancake breakfast that normally seats 30, got 10 million more votes than Obama. 15 million more than Clinton. 5. Forensic analysis of votes. 6. The results from Bellwether cities 7. Election rule changes just prior to the election 8. Push for mail in balloting (which is know to be dangerous if not done correctly) 9. Anecdotal evidence. (Personally I know a few people that received multiple ballots) 10. The sudden affirmation of the "the most secure election in history" after months of telling us trump was going to cheat"I could go on. Until these are addressed we are going to have further divides. Right now all the answers we are getting are "shut up and take it". That won't fly."


"Tucker is an idiot. Remember the Hunter Biden documents being lost in the mail, then found? Then this guy never brings it up again. he is a FRAUD"


Now the Sydney Powell (Newsmax) thread:

"She's gonna need hard evidence to overturn these results I'll trust her, but I'm gonna be disappointed if the kraken is a bunch of vague affidavits from people"

"My money is the servers taken from Germany is the Kraken that have the supposed algorithms."

"I would imagine there's likely video, audio, and photographic evidence to some of the claims made in precincts around the country tied to some of the affidavits we haven't seen yet, including ballots like those alleged to be produced by machine."


"So... she pretty much just said that China and other countries hacked our election machines, viewed them in real-time and changed votes in real-time??? Either she has incredible hard evidence OR she doesn't want to work as a lawyer ever again, right? Wow."

"That last line. Facts. There's no going back after this. Either you'll be the hero of the 21st century, or you'll be a disgraced lawyer for the rest of your life."


"Sidney Powell just did an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner where she said she is willing to stake her personal and professional reputation on the allegations she has made. She also said the Trump legal team has photo evidence of votes being manipulated in real time. She said that Republicans have benefited from these systems also. Wow. You can listen to her interview here: https://rfangle.com/politics/exclusive-sidney-powell-stands-by-fraud-allegations-willing-to-stake-personal-career/ This lady doesn't mess around."


"I'm not a lawyer. With that said, I think that all the suits in state courts have gone according to plan. I'm assuming that they don't believe that state courts are going to side with them, so they're merely going through the process until they're able to go to the Supreme Court. Why tip their hand, showing the evidence where it will do little to further their case..... and definitely not showing to hostile media. I may be totally off base, but maybe not..."


"Why would she throw her career away if this was false? I just don’t see the endgame... other than Trump was honest and fair, and I want to believe our country is as wel"


3rd thread: Carlson: 'Great News' if Powell Proves Tech Companies Switched Millions of Votes -- Uncovered 'Greatest Crime in the History of This Country', with Breitbart headline contradicting the 1st thread

"Not watching. Not clicking. Fox News is dead to me. Tucker too."


"Wow, did anyone actually watch this. The headline of this article is the opposite of the point Carlson was making. The Trump team has presented zero proof to date. Carlson was mocking Trump."

'Just because you don't like the evidence doesn't mean it's not evidence. Whenever Trump's team tries to discuss the evidence FOX shuts them down. Cavuto literally cut away from McEnamy talking. There's thousands of witnesses, hundreds/thousands of sworn affidavits, boxes of messed up ballots, tons of technical/statistical data, evidence of voter machine tampering and software tampering with people evading arrest and interrogation, and politicians openly saying they wouldn't allow Trump to win. Videos of people ripping up Trump ballots, videos of people putting the same ballots into machines multiple times. Multiple arrests. I'm not sure wtf you want."


"If it's not real, why has dominion shut down all their offices and deleted all their social media, and not showed up to any hearings. That is not what innocent people do."


"Fuck Tucker, fuck Fox. They don’t care about us and never have. They proved it with how quickly they flipped during their election coverage. At the end of the day Tucker works for MSM, and we constantly preached how horrible MSM has been over the past four years. Don’t think that Cucker is an exception, same with Hannity and Ingram. They still work for Soros."


r/conservative is now stuck trying to grapple with the schism between Newsmax publishing conspiracy theories and Fox commentator Tucker Carlson joining the rest of Fox in questioning them. In many ways it mimics Trump supporters being caught between Trump support and belief in their country.




Added 3rd thread, which appeared after I started putting this together. It's Breitbart making Carlson sound like he's excited about Powell's evidence.


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