I fucking hate living in France right now

That's it. I hate it. My country has become a shithole for the past 20 years. As a woman, living in a very big city, life has became unbearable. Why should I take other paths to go to work, because this specific place is frequented by the very people that hates on women, and look at me and spits at me, yelling to put some clothes on and a hijab ? Why should I had to move out of my neighborhood because my best friend got into a fight with a partisan of a certain religion and one hour after there were 50 people outside our home, waiting for him to go outside, yelling that now they know where we live ? Why should I apologize for being in love with another woman and holding her hand in the street ? Why should I apologize that I've criticized a certain religion, as an atheist ? Why should we be ashamed to have a gay wedding because it offends the "local community of minorities" ? Why do I have to be treated as a slut because I don't cover up every inch of my body ? Why my friends have to deal with a ton of backlash for choosing abortion because it doesn't fit the beliefs of religious people ? I lived here for 23 years and I've taken the decision to leave next year for Cambodia. I don't care about having to live in a less modern country, and having to do over 20 vaccines to prevent eventual tropical diseases. I just am fed up with the rising of religious oppression in France. And you would say that, not every partisan of this religion is like this, they all aren't extremists. Well, the moderate partisan of this religion agrees that homosexuality is a disease, that women are inferior to men and men should disposes of women as they pleases. They also agree that everyone should accept their religion and should be converted. As moderate partisan. So imagine the extremists one.

Also a man was beheaded in broad daylight, in the streets of Paris, capital of one of the first countries in the world, one of the most powerful, rich, modern country, he was beheaded and his head rolling in the streets, 300 m away from a high school, by a 18 year old migrant, over religion, because he showed a drawing to his class. And even if the religious agrees that the teenager "overreacted", they also agree that the teacher "brought this onto himself for disrespecting religion"

Well fuck your religion and your feelings. My buddies in Cambodia and Thaïland have never seen such a barbaric things happen near their home. Talk about modern country. This country went to shit for years because of the rising of this specific religion. I'd rather go to East-Asia and die because I eat random bad food than living in fear and having to concede every bit of my freedom rights to religious people that have decided that France should be ruled under their laws and Sharia.

Edit : the parts about Asia were obviously jokes. I myself have Asian origins. That's why I want to go there specifically. And I know about Khmer Rouge genocide. My friends and I are in our twenties so we weren't born when this happened that's why I said they never saw such a barbaric thing happened


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