Paparazzis should be able to get charged for harassment and the invasion of privacy by celebrities.

There is nothing okay about photographing people in public without consent, the same should apply for celebrities.

Imagine, you have something that puts you in the public eye a lot, whether it’s your job or something to do with being part of a famous family. And one day you’re going for a walk in the park when suddenly someone starts following you and taking pictures of you before you can even make direct eye contact with them, just snapping photos of you like you’re some kind of landmark. What will they do with those photos? Who knows? Not like it’s any of your business, right?

Let’s put it in a different perspective. What if you aren’t a celebrity, you’re just some average joe on your way home. Would it be ok for someone to yell “hey! Smile! Ooh turn your head this way for me!” Whilst they start following and photographing you? Of course not, that’s pretty much the definition of an invasion of privacy. So why is it ok to do it to a celebrity? And how well known do you have to be for them to get away with it?

I genuinely hate the “oh well it’s just one of the side effects to being famous” answer. No job or occupation should make it okay for people to snap photos of you whilst in public and doing stuff outside work.

Even at movie premieres, the places paparazzis are actually expected to be at, they take it too far by practically chasing them around whilst they try to leave the theatres.

Also half the time it’s done without the person even knowing that they’re being photographed, such as those annoying articles nobody even cares about where they talk about what they saw Demi Lovato have at Starbucks the other day. Nobody should have permission to make someone’s personal life public to everyone when they’re just doing the same thing as everyone else. If I started following the guy who owns my local KFC and started posting pictures of them and writing articles about what they do in their free time on Facebook then I’d probably get called a stalker and get sued for harassment. But it’s fine if said person happens to be famous?

Hell, Princess Diana was indirectly killed by paparazzis because she got in a car crash whilst trying to get away from the swarm of people chasing her! Someone literally died because they were so focused on escaping a group of paid stalkers that their car ended up crashing.

Paparazzis are the literal scum of the earth, the bottom of the food chain. Only able to survive by latching onto people with more money so that they can document the stuff that should be private. They’re like secret spies, except, instead of finding out about the enemy’s secret weapons projects, they’re filming someone’s daily life as if they’re one of the animals on a BBC documentary.

Another thing that I hate is when they make it sound like the celebrity is totally in on it and is intentionally attracting paparazzis. For example: when a celebrity is pregnant they say something like “[insert name here] shows off growing baby bump during walk in [insert location]!” As if they’re getting up on a stage and telling everyone when actually they were just walking around whilst pregnant. A pregnant woman isn’t “showing off” her belly just because you can see it, she’s just walking around and surprise surprise! it’s not really easy to hide your belly when it’s growing a mini person inside it.

The whole thing about paparazzis and reporters just make my blood boil, whether it’s their annoying personality or their complete lack of respect for someone’s privacy.


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