Men love to complain about how bad "chick flicks" are so question for women and open-minded men, which are the worst "guy flicks" you've ever seen?

I hated Slap Shot. A movie about a hockey team, it seemed like every dude was trying to out-crude and out-bash everyone else. The biggest shock to me was that Nancy Dowd, a woman, wrote the script. I read she based the dialogue on researching how hockey players talked on locker rooms.

I HATE Police Academy. I cannot believe I got into this when I was a kid. Bobcat Goldwaith as Zed was funny until it got tired and everybody is a schmuck. The female characters only show up to take their clothes off or give Steve Guttenberg a token romantic interest.

Tango and Cash. Never thought I'd see a movie where Sly Stallone was the subtle one. Kurt Russell had way too much go go juice in this film, overacting like crazy in a series of unfunny skits. And Teri Hatcher only seems to be in this movie to show her T&A.


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