So... Trump's brother just died, and I just have to say something :|

Hey, I don't like Trump as much as the next guy, but the man's brother has died after being in hospital for a long time - and all I can see on social media (including reddit) are people celebrating, saying he deserved it and making some pretty nasty jokes about it...

It's just plain wrong. And to those of you doing it, please put yourself in Trump's shoes and imagine what it'd be like for your sibling to die from a long drawn out illness - and on the day it finally ends and they pass away, hundreds of thousands of people hop onto social media and start mocking it, joking about it and celebrating it. Please have some basic human decency, that's all I ask.

The worst thing is that the people doing it are the same people who preach for others to love and respect everyone, yet they cannot even do it themselves. It's hypocritical and abhorrent.

I'm not saying 'don't criticise Trump anymore' - I am just asking you to practice what you preach and be nice and not make jokes about his dead brother. Besides... His brother had nothing to do with anything Trump has done.

Have a nice day :)

Edit: Clearly this post has upset a few people, which is quite sad to be honest... Some of are really of bad taste.

Some people have been saying Trump didn't care about his brother but I want to tell you that you're wrong. He visited his brother a day or two ago in hospital, where his brother told him to continue doing what he was doing like normal. So if he wasn't by his bedside when he died, that'd be the reason. Also, his other brother who died aged 41 from acloholism - it's true he wasn't there when he died, but this doesn't mean he didn't care about him, his death is the reason Trump doesn't drink alcohol anymore - and often the case is, people don't know what they're missing until it's gone. I would think this applies to Trump. And even if it didn't - we should be considerate of the rest of the Trump family.

At the end of the day, the entire Trump family (not just Donald), are people (as much as many of you might want to disagree) and they have feelings (also something a lot of you will disagree with)... Even Biden has come out and sent his condolences without being cruel or nasty about it - I suggest those of you which are still being crude follow his lead - it's not just a bad look for you either.

I couldn't live with so much hate in me and I'm pretty shocked to see how so many of you actually do.

That's all, I hope you all stay safe, salutations to you all from your friends across the pond 🇬🇧

Final Edit: I can't believe I have to say this but nobody is telling you to suddenly love Trump because his brother died, just stop being a tosser and making fun of his brother's death because it's not just Trump you're impacting, but the entire Trump family too - plus it's just respectful... Okay, hopefully that clears it up.

Ffs, I hate having to edit after I said I wouldn't anymore but : Even if you can't empathise or sympathise with someone who has lost a brother, and feel bad that people are celebrating it, just do the bare minimum thing which requires zero effort and just don't joke about it, celebrate it or mock it. It's not hard.

And if you think you can come into my DMs and tell me to kill myself, just fuck off lmao, you're pathetic, some of you are fucking adults too, how brave of you to tell a 16 year old to kill himself. Oh and thanks to the nice supportive DMs :)

Absoulte final edit I just want to round this up:

Politics has become way too tribalised in recent years, so much so that people have lost their basic humanity and morals. I've noticed it in my own country with Brexit and in America with Trump. I honestly wish we could go back in time to when politics wasn't so polarised... It's not a great world for teens like us to grow up in and hopefully things will change. And to those accusing me of loving Trump, I've already said I'm not a fan and I would've said the same if it was Biden, or whoever. Don't let go of your humanity, that's all.


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