I didn’t fucking ask, but thanks for sharing!

So I cut my hair yesterday. A pretty dramatic cut, but nothing crazy. I went from having long hair down to the top of my butt, to a short shoulder-length cut. I was fed up with taking care of my super long hair, so I was extremely excited to chop it off. And IMO it looks great!

Anyways, within a few hours of cutting it off, I have had multiple unsolicited male opinions on the matter. First was my fiancé’s boss. My fiancé was having him plus some other friends over to our new house yesterday afternoon, and at one point my fiancé turns to me and says “wow I just love your hair.” His boss then blurts out “no offense to you but I prefer girls with long hair.” Uhhh okay, we didn’t ask what your hair preference is but thanks for sharing with the group. Of course I didn’t say anything like that and just smiled sweetly at him while he continued on for five minutes about how “it’s only his opinion but he just looooves long hair” and my favorite “I’m not saying your wife isn’t beautiful but I just really like long hair on a woman” ... as if I’m not standing directly next to him. Anyways, my fiancé ignored him and turned to me to give me a hug and tells me again how much he loves my hair.

Later that night my fiancé asked me to pick up some beer. When I was checking out at the gas station, the attendant looks at my ID and goes “oh you had long hair in this picture?” And I excitedly said “oh yes I cut it all off today!” And then he just kind of stared at me blankly. After I paid he goes “Have you ever seen Bollywood movies? They are like Hollywood but Bollywood.” And I said yes I have. He then tells me that all the girls in those movies have long hair and he likes that..... LOL. Okay. I didn’t even know what to say so I kind of laughed awkwardly and walked out.

I don’t understand why these men think I give a flying fuck what their hair preference is. If you don’t like someone’s hair cut, the polite thing to do is to not say anything! It’s so frustrating. I don’t regret getting my hair cut AT ALL, but this shit is just ridiculous. In both scenarios I had no idea what to say to these guys, so what would be a good line to come back with? Something to express that I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOUR HAIR PREFERENCE IS, but in less aggressive, more professional way :)

Tldr; cut all my hair off yesterday. Within hours had multiple men decide that I just really needed to know that they prefer women with long hair.

Edit: wow thanks for all the support guys! You all rock. Just for the record, I never said their comments upset me; I honestly didn’t think twice about them until I woke up this morning and was like damn, that was kind of annoying. Also I’m sorry if people feel this “takes away from real women problems.” I never said this was a huge deal. It was a minor annoyance that I thought I would share on an appropriate subreddit. It’s not like I’m trying to get on the news to whine about this, geez. And unfortunately, it’s not fake. I’m not creative enough to come up with a story like that. I actually texted my bff about it this morning, and she told me to post here because she thought people would definitely relate. But thank you to everyone else for the nice comments/come-backs! I’m sure I will be using them soon :)


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