TIFU by Becoming a Suspected Pedophile

This TIFU actually happened yesterday (throwaway account)

It was a sunny day in an otherwise crappy Scandinavian summer. So me and my 5yo son went out to play at one of the city playgrounds. This particular playground has a really cool artificial river for kids to play in. Needless to say, the place was packed. Since my boy was having such a good time playing with his friends, now was a good moment to make my weekly FaceTime-call with my mom.

Hence my error....

Fast forward 5 minutes.... I am still having a nice chat, laying down with the sun in my face. Life is good. When suddenly the sun literally got blocked by four or five moms and dads gathering around me, looking absolutely PISSED. One of the dads says: "we called the police". I had no clue what they were talking about. Let alone that they meant that they called the police on me. I naively asked "oh, what happened?". Replied by "You are filming our kids without our permission.".... eh, wait, what??

While still on FaceTime with my mom I look over my phone to see what I am actually pointing my camera towards. I see a bunch of butt-naked kids running around, while my own kid wandered off to some other part of the playground. I desperately tried to explain what is going on, and that I wasn't just filming random kids. But I was so stressed that I couldn't find the words (I am living in this country as a foreigner, and don't fully master the language yet). Honestly, if I were these guys I would be darn sceptical of the situation myself.

By now the crowd grew to a mob of 15 people or so. I got up to get my kid, when one of the dads says that I cannot leave without leaving my phone. "Hell no", I said. That sobered me up quite fast and I explained in clearer words what is going on. The situation cooled down and most parents walked away. But there were two couples that would have none of it, and demanded me to stay until the police arrived.

Eventually the police showed up and fortunately they were really chill about it - almost laughing when I explained what was going on. They asked me to show my camera-roll which of course showed nothing improper. Also I showed my call history, which indicated that indeed I had quite a long phone call with my mom on FaceTime.

The angry couples apologised, which I appreciated. Me and my son gathered our stuff and immediately went home. On the way home my son asked why everyone wanted to see my pictures..... Oh boy, I can't wait for him to be old enough for me to tell him this story.

TL;DR : Went to the water-playground with my kid, called my mom on FaceTime, and was mistaken by parents for voyeur-filming their naked kids.

EDIT 1: Whow this exploded! Interesting to see the different perspectives. I guess there are some cultural differences between the nations - which is fine. I don't judge culture.

EDIT 2: Regarding social distancing; Scandinavia is not in lock-down, and (practically) never has been. We have a relatively obedient population where we follow government recommendations without too much questioning. So far we were spared the catastrophe, meaning that our kids can still play in the park. But who knows that the future holds in store... Stay safe everyone!


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