My boyfriend (27f, 27m) catfished my best friend (28m) and led him on so he could expose his feelings for me.

Basically the title. During quarantine my boyfriend got access to my completely dead Facebook profile (by this I mean I no longer use it) after I logged onto it on my laptop and saved my old pictures from it. He uses my laptop a lot and messaged my best friend on messenger pretending to be me. He told him the reason “I” messaged him on Facebook instead of texting was because I was afraid my boyfriend would see it, and he pretended that I was confused and didn’t know what I wanted or if I wanted to be in a relationship with my boyfriend, which basically coerced my best friend into giving this intense confession (I read the messages) where he admitted he has feelings for me. After this, my boyfriend texted him as himself from his phone, telling him he saw the messages and that I didn’t have feelings for him and he needed to stay away from me and “quit trying to ruin our relationship”.

This was back in May. All the sudden he stopped messaging me for about a week, when we usually speak daily. Eventually he texted back and acted like nothing was wrong and I thought that was odd. We didn’t see each other in person for almost 3 months until today, because of the risks since he works in the medical field.

He brought this up in person. He asked me why I had messaged him back in May and said all that stuff only to turn around and tell my boyfriend that he admitted to having feelings for me. After much confusion where I insisted I didn’t message him on Facebook he showed me the messages. I’m disgusted by his behavior as a 27 year old man. He’s not a teenager, he’s an adult, and I can’t believe he would do that. I’m also heartbroken over the fact that this hurt my best friend so much and he’s had to live with this over the past 3 months. Does this warrant a break up? I’m not sure I trust him anymore.


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