YSK that if you have children, or even just someone who really loves you, you shouldn’t avoid being in pictures

My mom was the type of person who HATED pictures. She thought she was ugly so she avoided them like the plague. Most memories I have involve her behind the camera, not in front of it.

She passed away unexpectedly 5 years ago, yesterday was the anniversary, and when she died my siblings and I combed through family photos, online pictures, anything we could think of to find some way to see our mom again. There are only 3, two of which are a side view and the other is blurry.

I keep her driver’s license because it’s the only head-on, smiling picture I have to remember her by.

Please don’t avoid taking pictures if you have children. Because I promise you we do not see ugly, we do not see fat, we do not see flaws...we see our parents, our mommy, the person we love so much and will miss so much when you pass. Let us have a way to look at you again even after you’re gone.


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