What's a phase your SO went through that drove you up the wall?

Got married in April after 6 years together and we never intentionally passed gas or acknowledged it in front of the other in all that time.

My husband has recently started loudly punctuating his burps and farts with "Better out than in I always say" in a poor Shrek impersonation at max volume because it made his best friend laugh and I can't make him stop

Edit: good lord. Of course this would be the post that gets attention lol

So I'll explain up here for everyone— I grew up seeing my grandparents maintain a level of decorum with each other that I thought was cute, like they never stopped trying to impress one another. My attempts at this have been to try my best not to cuss or pass gas in front of him and we didn't live with one another prior to getting married so it was easier to hide these things. He's my best friend and poking each other's buttons for entertainment isn't new, it's the inability to hide all gas and then making jokes about it that is new. And I'll get over it because I love him even though he won't laugh at stand up but will laugh at a well timed Shrek quote.

thank you to those sharing your/your SO's irritating phases with me, thank you to the 2 people who gave this dumb post awards, thanks people who are taking this post as seriously as I meant it by telling me to assert my dominance by passing gas back at my husband


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