UPDATE: My(m21) gf(f23) obsession with Pokemon is embarrassing me

Link to the previous post: https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/i02wzl/mym21_gff23_obsession_with_pokemon_is_embarassing/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Tl;dr: Turns out you all were right, I was an asshole. My friends are no longer welcomed in our house and now I'm playing with my gf.

I've decided to post this update becauce you were all right. I didn't have a gf problem. I had friends problem.

So I had a talk with my gf like one of the users have suggested. I explained to her that I'm not ashamed of her hobby, I just didn't want her to know what our friends were saying behind her back. She said she doesn't care about their opinion, she's just doing what she's enjoying the most. I apologized to her. She has also agreed to move her pokemon plushies so they wouldn't take up so much space.

Fast forward to today, few hours ago our friends have visited us. It didn't take long for them to start making fun of my gf. This time I got mad - she organized her plushies so they were all in our bedroom, she has not even once mentioned pokemons nor did she opened pokemon go app.

Long story short they were forced to leave. I've realized they don't have problem with my gf hobby - they have problem with my gf and I have enabled their behaviour by not reacting sooner. Told them they are the ones who needs to grow up & to visit us again once they will stop being boomers.

To show my gf how sorry I'm and to better understand her hobby I've downloaded the app myself. So now I'm trying to level up as much as I can because she has a mission when she needs to trade a pokemon with a friend, but to do so I need to be at least 10 lvl.

Thank you for all your comments, even the mean ones - they worked as a wake up call I guess.


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