Rioters Speak Out After Today’s Internal Meeting

Riot’s Internal Meeting Took Place Today

Here are some of the Reactions from Rioters:

Today has yesterday beat. I am ashamed to work at Riot today. Today REALLY sucked.


sometimes you think things can't get worse and the world manages to find a way to surprise you

Listening ≠ Hearing

Today was...pretty horrible honestly 😔

Just when you think you can't feel more let down dude. Bleh.

Shower cries are good cries in the middle of all the shame and disappointment I feel today.

When stuff keeps getting more messed up beyond what you could ever expect, you can either cry about it, or you can find the humor in it. I'm currently laughing my fucking ass off atm.

Yesterday was hard. Today was harder. Disappointment, anger, and shame are just a few words of what I'm feeling right now. I've never been one to feel ashamed of what I do, but it feels much closer now than ever before

Some of us working offsite today coming back into slack [gif]

I've finally stopped shaking. Now I'm just deeply, deeply tired.

I had this draft written in my TL about how I felt my pride in Riot restored, fully expecting to post it. Today isn't one of those days. My faith in Riot as a company has taken a severe hit. I'm so sorry, my fellow Rioters

Really, really depressing day today.

things are gonna get worse before they get better


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