I slapped a girl who attacked me, now my GF won't speak to me

The vast majority of my social circle lean the same way when it comes to politics and political discussion tends to be them all agreeing with each other. I've made the mistake before of arguing with them and it's led to some rather heated debates. In one case a girl didn't like my stance and poured her beer over my head and walked out.

Since then I've learnt it's best to not get involved in political discussions at all even when I'm goaded. Every time someone has mentioned me in a group chat and asked for my view I've replied with "Sorry, don't want to get beer thrown on me again" and ignored it.

This week we were all sitting in the park and chatting away and of course politics came up, I ignored it all even when they goaded me into replying. My GF was with me and even sent me a text telling me thanks for not getting involved.

The discussion continued and I couldn't help my self and said something that turned into an argument again. The same girl was there and this time she had a glass of wine and chucked it over me. I reacted instinctively and slapped her, pretty hard, and she fell over and started to cry. This caused somewhat on an uproar with people arguing I shouldn't have hit her, others saying she shouldn't have thrown her drink at me.

I end up leaving with my GF who now won't speak to me because I shouldn't have resorted to violence and definitely shouldn't have hit a girl. I jokingly said "these hands are rated E for everyone" to try and lighten the mood but it seems to have had the opposite effect.

I don't really know what to do, I don't like being attacked and defended myself but I feel she's treating me unfairly here. We've been together for 4 years and I've never hit her at all, though I know she had an ex who did.

Edit: As I'm getting some rather aggressive PMs. My social group and I differ a lot on politics. I'm rather conservative whereas they're rather heavily left. As I've already been accused of being a Nazi and been told that "I hope you and your kind soon die out" I should point out that I'm Arab and Muslim, my only racist view is that others Arabs tend to swim in perfume rather than gently spritz themselves.

As for what my "racist beliefs" are. I voted for Brexit, which is what got the beer dumped on my head and the second argument was me disagreeing with the BLM movement in the UK and saying statues shouldn't be destroyed.

Edit 2: I think I've got all the advice I need so thanks for that, I'll have a discussion with the missus and apologise for making her feel unsafe but also point out she doesn't have my back. What comes next though is replying to all these lovely PMs.

I'm actually from Egypt, and a different type of Muslim to the Iranians.

Why was I worried in might be acid? Because these are the types of comments I get.

But hey, no better than telling someone they don't deserve to live


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