Lec on-air team declined to go on air until neom deal was revoked



I have never been a part of a group of people that are so quickly able to come together and stand for what is right. The talent team said we would not appear on the LEC broadcast until the deal was revoked.

I am honored to call the casters I work with my friends.



I have told companies I will strike twice in my life. Once as a doctor, and once as a caster. I was not willing to work a show this weekend with this deal in place nor were any of the talent team.

We all had skin in the game.



I am deeply saddened by the latest Episode of Crackdown where my integrity and principal is called into question through speculation. So, let me clear it up: The on-air talent declined to appear on broadcast until the deal was revoked.

I did put my fucking job on the line.

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The LEC onair talent team did not simply share messages on social media and walk away. We raised our concerns internally, meet with LEC leaders, and leaders across Riot Games to outline our collective position against the partnership and the request to terminate the contract. 1/2

We were prepared to refuse to work the show this weekend to demonstrate how strongly we felt on the topic. I couldn't be more proud of my fellow casters, but also my fellow rioters who all raised their voices to challenge something we did not believe in.

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We communicated to Riot we would refuse to appear on the LEC broadcast until the deal was revoked. Indiana is always the first one to put EVERYTHING on the line for what is right.


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