That guy with autism who posts his pictures everyday on different subreddits everyday is getting annoying

Just be cause he is on the spectrum he shouldn't get to use pics as his personal Facebook/Instagram and get showered with praise and upvotes. And people in the comments are literally babying him and pity-upvoting/awarding which is kind of sad.

And its not even like he's taking pictures of something new, his latest is one is a pic of him holding the old version of the silver youtube plaque, which he should have gotten years ago (it was updated to a different plaque 2 years ago)

Enough of this guy. Thought it was nice to see him occasionally, at first, because I'm a fan of the weather reports.

But its spam now. Downvote me I guess -_-

Edit: I very well could block him, but its more of a problem with what he's doing. If it were to be a person without disabilities people would think that he's insane. **This isn't a post attacking him, but against the circlejerk that enables this. Also in no way is this an anti-disability post.** I genuinely believe he's a kind hearted person, and I don't think that he's "milking his disability" as some people are saying in the comments.

Edit edit: Obligatory inbox blew up, to the people personally attacking me/calling me "jealous of his disability", or to those who think I'm jealous of his karma, please read my replies to several comments on this thread before commenting, thank you. Also, as another user pointed out, people are already attacking him on his posts, he had to delete one of his older posts because of the hate. I wouldn't want his comment sections devolve into anti-disability threads (similar to how internet trends turn extreme usually), and I'm sure you wouldn't too.


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