TIFU by telling my bald wife that I don’t find bald women attractive

Posted this on AITA but someone said that it’s TIFU material. Also, they removed my post but anyway;

One of my wife’s friends has cancer. She’s been undergoing chemotherapy and as a result has lost all of her hair. Yesterday my wife was with her and one other friend. They decided that they’d shave off all their hair to support their friend and cheer her up. And they did. It’s a great gesture and all, but I wasn’t aware of this.

I was working on my laptop on the bed when my wife comes up and asks me if I find bald women attractive. I wasn’t looking at her and hadn’t seen that she was bald, so I say, ‘Nope. Not my type. Not attracted at all. Why?’ Then I look up and, lo and behold, my wife was bald. Not a single hair on her head. I was so shocked my face could’ve probably become a viral meme.

She says that I don’t find her attractive now and starts crying. I try to salvage the situation by telling her that I don’t find other bald women attractive, but she looked hot without hair. She told me I was lying. I tell her that it’s just hair and will grow back. This was apparently not a good thing to say as she started crying again.

My mom, who’s been living with us, told me I’m an ass for making her cry. Wife slept in a different room. She’s been also looking in the mirror quite often. I’ve tried telling her that I don’t care about the hair and she did a great thing supporting her friend but she says that I’ve given her a small insecurity issue for the time being.

TL;DR wife asks me if I find bald women attractive, I say no without looking. When I look up, wife was bald.

Edit : Wow this blew up. Since some of y’all are asking, she’s not generally this emotional. Just that her friend probably won’t survive the cancer and has limited time. That’s been messing up with her state of mind lately.

Edit 2: Everyone wants me to shave my head. Not happening. Nope. I quite like my head full of hair. What if it never grows back lmao?


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