Damian Lillard is sharing videos with fake doctors exposing the “reality” of COVID

He deleted his tweet but here’s a screenshot


Kyrie is still being demonized for an off hand comment he made years ago on a podcast. Dwight, TD2 and Boucher are being harshly criticized and being labeled as uneducated after their comments.

edit: mods requested that i delete that last line and add this link https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDKxOi5hnr_/

edit #2: ok some of these criticisms are getting out of hand. yes this was dumb of him to post. but after he posted it he quickly realized he was wrong and took it down. you guys coming out and labeling all nba players as “uneducated” or “r*tarded” over this is ridiculous. especially the ones saying “ingraham was right” and that players should “shut up and dribble”. also i’m seeing a lot of comments criticizing “the blacks”, as if a couple misinformed professional athletes are representative of the entire black community 🙄


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