LPT: If you are arrested remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you while nothing you say can and will be used for you. Zero benefit to speaking.

Once you start blabbing the cops will write down things you say. Even one slip up or misspoken word can now be used as testimony against you. Innocent people go to jail all the time because of misspoken statements. Prosecutors can and will ignore all the stuff you say that doesn’t help them prosecute you. They can and will use anything that helps them prosecute you even if it is cherry picked from the many things you say. There is zero benefit to you talking since your statements to police can’t be used in your defense. Sometimes cops can’t remember everything you say in the moment so they write it down later. Now not only do you have the problem of you misspeaking, but you have the possibility that the cop misheard or misinterprets what you said. Since cops are expert witnesses, their testimony is given extra weight in the court room. Go in peace and remain silent.

This is a generally good guideline but of course every situation calls for observation and assessment to determine the best course of action. Also don’t get arrested and this won’t be a problem.


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