TIFU by getting ancestry.com for my very German father.

My dad is really big into history, so we got him an ancestry.com profile or whatever for his birthday. As far as we knew he is 100% German. Our last name is extremely German sounding, but extremely unique, I have never heard it before anywhere else and Google shows it didn't show up anywhere in records until the 1940s mostly in the US and a little in Germany.

We follow the little tree and get to his grandma's sister who my dad says he barely knew and never talked to. Her last name was Winkleman. He vaugly remembers his mother hating that last name and hating that her aunt kept it, he assumed that, due to the name, maybe she was a little bit anti-semitic. Winkleman is a very Jewish sounding name. My dad gets a little excited at this because he's a big WWII buff and now we have traced our ancestry back to Germany around WWII with probably Jewish relatives. He's thinking maybe they changed their name and moved to the US to escape the Nazis. Maybe some died and we could trace them to death records in concentration camps. This sounds kinda horrible I know, but it's history, and having family in the middle of that is kinda cool.

Anyways our records get fuzzy before WWII we see our last name disappear into more and more Winklemans, until we find the crown jewel. Adolf Winkleman. A physician in a concentration camp, and without a doubt a big fucking Nazi. There aren't a lot of available records on him I'm guessing a lot are in German or maybe even classified, but basically he was put on trial for war crimes and then died in 1947. I don't know if they killed him, he just died, or if the bastard killed himself. You can even see the family resemblance in the fat little fucker.

Edit: spelling and also realizing I never added that no, nobody in my family is a Nazi or anti-Semitism now. We all have blue eyes though.

Update since apparently I've offended people: Yes, I think learning that my ancestors were Jewish would have been cool. Obviously I would much much rather that nobody died in concentration camps, I would rather nobody died a horrible death pretty much ever, least of all due to their religion or minority status. Learning you had family who played any major role in history is cool. Them having to live in or die in a concentration camp would be very very not cool, but just learning my families history and being able to trace it through events is undeniable cool. I would have been happier to have found out my ancestors were Jewish and peacefully escaped Germany and restarted their life in the US. Instead I get to have Nazi blood, it is what it is I guess. (Mini tldr anti-Semitism not cool, history cool).

TL;DR I wanted my dad to maybe find a long lost relative or a cool relative so I got him ancestry.com, but instead I uncovered a successfully buried family secret that my great great grandpa (or something like that) was a doctor in a concentration camp convicted of war crimes so terrible they probably sentenced him to death. Now my poor dad gets to live with the undeniable fact his dead mom lied when she said our ancestors moved to America to fight the Nazis.


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