Tifu by hitting on a gd minor

** this happened yesterday and this is a throwaway account **

I saw a young woman on the train whom I thought was cute. I don’t know how to safely approach people with the covid situation and I was getting off at the next stop so I made a note telling her I thought she was cute with my number and airdropped it to the name that came up when she took out her phone. She looked at me and smiled (I think, harder to tell with masks) and texted me as I was walking through the station saying that she thought i was cute too. I was excited! Then she asked me how old I was and my heart sank, thinking “oh no she’s 19 or 20 or something, younger than I thought”. I told her my age: 29. She then revealed that she’s 15. I was horrified and before I could finish my text of “I’m so sorry, I thought you were an adult, it’s hard to tell with the mask, I’m going to block your number now”, she said “i love ur glasses tho ur a major dilf” and I just about threw up, then collected myself and gave her a little spiel about please don’t say things like that to grown men (made it clear I’m not victim blaming), most wont but there are some who will act on that and that’s a terrifying thought. Anyway I think I handled it decently well but ugh that was brutal and I still feel so embarrassed.

TL;DR I hit on someone who turned out to be 15, she called me a dilf, and I want to melt into the ground never to be seen again

Edit: for the ppl saying “why didn’t you smash” and stuff like that, even if you’re joking you’re part of the problem, seriously think about what sleeping with a full on adult at that age could do to a person and don’t perpetuate or participate in that behaviour. Please!


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