TIFU by getting too experimental with my Girlfriend

My Girlfriend and i love to try a lot of weird sex-stuff to keep things spicy. Yesterday she came along with a balloon fetish she read something about. This does not push any boundaries for wither one of us, so we sat down, had a lot of tequila and blew up some balloons. At one point our inner children came to shine and we just bashed each other with them, some occasional tickling, her screaming and one or another balloon popped. I'll spare you further details, since I'm sure you get the idea.

Fast forward to when we were done.

We're not tired yet, so we start up some streaming page and watch a movie. after like 5 minutes there is a blast, like someone hit the side of our building with a car, and again and again. i quickly grabbed my underwear from the floor and put them on while drunkenly moving towards the door to check what the hell is going on. I'm still one room from the entrance, but have a line of sight when the door blasted open and a Special Forces Police Unit team of 6 stormed into our apartment.

well.. i was standing there, in my undies and deaddrunk. my GF naked in the bedroom even more drunk. I'm doing some occasional artsy craft, and from a sale I got to own about 7 completely disassembled mannequins and baby dolls. For a lack of proper storage they're cutrently spread throughout the apartment. It kinda looks like a cheap horror movie at the moment.

So I was laying there, face down and surrounded by taped babydolls and limbs of mannequins. That for sure does not look good. They put a hood over my head and brought my girlfriend and me to the police station for questioning

apparently someone heard her screaming and the bangs and thought someone was murdered

Well.. I just came home from the police office where I got laughed at for this story and I thought it might give you a good laugh as well.

TL;DR spicing up sexlife with things we found on the internet lead to Special Forces Police Unit kicking in our door

Edit: it seems important to mention that I'm not based in the US

Edit2: yes this happened. i was there when it did. here's the door with one of my babydoll projects in the background: http://imgur.com/gallery/U34z3OG

Edit3: police paid for the door. carpenter will come in on monday

Edit4: the hood was to protect the identity of the Police Unit since they also do a lot of undercover shit


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