Tik Tok is genuinely terrible for kids.

I walked in on my sisters (7 and 10) twerking next to a camera with nothing below the waist. I immediately slammed the door and raced to my mom, and she grounded them for a week. When she asked why the hell they would ever do such a disgusting thing, they said that it was for a tiktok and they weren’t gonna show anyone. What the actual fuck is wrong with kids nowadays. I know it’s not their fault, but this is one reason why tiktok should cease to exist. If this is what kids do on Tiktok, it should be considered an outlet for child pornography. This is so fucking disgusting, I can’t even fathom what else it could have on it’s platform.

(Forgive me if I got something wrong talking about Tiktok, I don’t own the app and I never will, but my little sisters always go on it, mimicking the underage girls doing seductive movements on there.)


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