Girls take it the wrong way when a guy has a boner.

And I’m tired of pretending it’s okay.

Listen up, girls. If a guy has a boner and by random chance he looks at you, it doesn’t always mean he has a boner for you. Most of the time, he can’t help it, and it’s just the extra testosterone kicking in from puberty.

However, it’s not just girls that take it the wrong way too.

For example, some guys take it the wrong way too, and laugh at one another for having a boner when it can’t be helped.

One time, in high school (I just graduated), one of my friends (let’s call him Bobby), had a boner in P.E. Now, there was an asshole that pointed it out and said, “Oh, look, boner boy!” and basically shamed this guy for having a boner.

Society needs to open up their fucking eyes, and not call us males “creeps” for having boners in public.


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