YSK that your Reddit feed could be making you depressed

I found myself constantly feeling bitter, angry, and annoyed after spending time on Reddit. After removing myself from subreddits which constantly deal with world issues and people problems (think r/relationship_advice and r/amitheasshole) and following Reddit’s like r/aww, I found myself being a happier person in general.

Having a constant feed of problems makes us feel like the world is only a problematic place, it’s also really addictive - almost like gossiping. Unfortunately these translate into our real-world mental health, and it can make you feel sad.

I still view some of these subreddits from time to time, but all in moderation. If you feel sad after browsing Reddit, consider changing what you see on your feed. R/aww, r/natureisfuckinglit are all great places to start :)


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