Today I was banned from a sub I love and in which one of my posts is among the top of all time. I tried to get an explanation from the mods. They ridiculed and then muted me.

This may seem petty, because it doesn't "really matter", but I've had a really bad week and this just kind of broke me. I know its Monday.

There's actual real shit in my world that's not going well, but somehow what happened today is the straw that broke the camels back.

For instance: A client that my business did over $50k worth of work for falsely claimed that our completely valid charge of their credit card was "fraud". The chargeback put my account $30k in the negative during a time where our cashflow has been an absolute nightmare. The client is now attempting to "renegotiate" the contract for less than a 4th of what is owed. I don't yet know how I'm going to pay my staff this week.


I made a post in a sub I frequent and really love. It got about 5000 upvotes and then I received a message stating that I had been permanently banned from the sub.

I messaged the mods asking what I did wrong and what I could do to appeal and was told that I should "learn to read". So, I went a reread the rules.

My assumption was that the snarky comment was to imply that I had violated rule 1. I then responded with links to 8 of the top posts of all time from that sub (one of which was a post I made) which clearly also violated rule 1.

I asked why those were allowed, but the post I had made today got me banned.

One mod responded that it wasn't his job to "explain the rules to every idiot on Reddit" and that if he had to do that, he would have little time for anything else.

I reiterated that I just wanted to better understand what I had done wrong. I said, "Would you please explain the discrepancy and let me know what I can do to appeal the ban?"

He responded "I've got a better idea." and then muted me.

I was livid. Here's the thing, reddit is my little escape from all the BS. I know that "fake internet points don't matter" but goddamn if I dont need a little hit of dopamine sometimes. And I actually make an effort with my posts.

Being trashed and then muted just broke me.

I don't care if no one reads this, I just had to write it down for my own sanity.

Edit: Wow, faith restored. Thank you all so much for the support and love. I just finished up a DnD campaign with some friends and hadn't checked reddit in a few hours. It's the little things, but all of the comments really mean a lot to me.

Edit 2: Just woke up. At some point last night, the mod in question sent me a direct message saying:

"So sorry you're having a bad day or whatever, but because of the post you made, the sub you supposedly love so much is being bombarded with hateful modmail and comments which pretty much scuppers your chances of ever getting unbanned. Thought you would want to know that."

I didn't ask anyone to do this, nor did I reveal in this thread which sub or which mod it was because I "do not support brigading".

That said, I find it completely unsurprising that the mod would respond by doubling down and not having a single iota of self inspection. What is he going to do, extra ban me? They never would have lifted the ban anyway.

So again, I do not support brigading, nor will I admit which sub or which mod.... but thank you.


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