The 2x XP and Tiers are fake. All XP has been halved so that with 2x XP you get what you normally would.

This is not some stupid "conspiracy theory" that I have, It's actually true, at least in Multiplayer. I just played multiple matches with the "2x XP" active and normally I get anywhere between 5K and 10K experience per Hardpoint match, so I thought "Hmm, this feels exactly the same, I should pay attention to my XP gains in match" and low and behold, I was right.

For those of you who play hardpoint, you know that if you're on the Hardpoint the moment it spawns, it gives 450 XP, so with double XP it gives 900XP (as it did before), but this time around, It's still 450XP.

I hope I'm not the only one who noticed this because it's quite outrageous.

I guess Infinity Ward really wants to pad that player count for the 4th of July.

Edit: After reading a bunch of comments I think that I hold the responsibility to point out that my previous sentence could be misleading. I do think that it's most likely unintentional (even with Activision's reputation), I just found it ironic that this has happened a day before the 4th.


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