TIFU by having a crush on my professor

Not today, this was several years ago now but I still cringe about it every now and then.

When I was a freshman at university I had a huuuge crush on one of my lecturers. Who was honestly just a regular looking middle aged man. I was so obsessed with him that I often stalked him online including on LinkedIn, where I made a profile just so that I could stalk him. I’m talking really often. It was creepy.

Years later when I joined the workforce and actually started using LinkedIn seriously I realised that people actually get notified every time someone views your profile.

He used to give me odd looks when I would pass him around campus and I used to be paranoid thinking oh god he knows that I fantasise about him bending me over his desk in his office. But then I’d think nah nah nah how could he possibly know that?

He must’ve been thinking hey there’s that weird girl who used to look at my LinkedIn profile daily.

He even saw me at my graduation and made a very deliberate glance at me. He. Knows

TLDR: stalked my professor on LinkedIn without knowing he’d be notified that I viewed his profile


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