He's the real mvp

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Cat saves small kid from a dog attack.

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QAnon conspiracists gather in Dallas on the grassy knoll today awaiting JFK Jr's return.

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You guys good?

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The punches just keep coming

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Doing an install at a customers house found and these on the drop ceiling in the basement. Anybody wanna guess what’s on them?

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UPDATE: I'm being accused of "stealing company property..."

Hey everyone. I posted yesterday about my boss accusing me of "stealing company property" when I brought some Keurig coffee cups in from home. It blew the hell up and I'm still reeling from the sheer amount of attention it got!

**I have since deleted that post,** in part because I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the attention and comments I received, but also largely because I got several harassing DM's from a few douchebags who either accused me of being lazy, making the whole situation up, or just called me a "snowflake", and figured I would get some breathing room. I deleted the messages and blocked the users without replying, but still. If you're one of those people, I hope your socks get wet while you're out walking.

However, thank you to ALL of you who were kind, supportive, and wished me luck in confronting my boss and the situation at work; I literally lost count of how many of you were on my side and had ideas on how I could deal with the situation. Seriously, thank you all. I couldn't believe the amount of support my post got. I made what I thought was a normal post about a shitty boss and apparently it touched a nerve. I read as many of the comments as I could but there were over 10k!

On to the update.


I had posted yesterday on my lunch break, and when I came back into work I already had a few good ideas thanks to a bunch of you. Like several of you recommended, I wanted to get her accusations in writing, so I sent off an email as soon as I sat down after lunch. I basically played dumb: "Hi, just wanted to double check the rules regarding bringing coffee in from home. Is this not allowed? *I don't recall this being in our employee handbook* blah blah blah"

She replied about an hour later, saying what she had said earlier: yes, it was grounds for firing since it was "using company property for personal gain" (lolwut) and I should only use the company Keurig cups. I replied asking if it was considered stealing the company water, and she again said yes, but not if I PAID for the coffee since I was "purchasing it."

(Oh, and a bunch of you also thought she was profiting off the coffee cups, and while your logic was sound, I found out later she has no responsibilities or 'fingers in the pot' regarding the fees from employee break area. Turns out she really is just a micromanaging asshole.)

Once I got these emails back from her, I went straight in person to my Senior Boss, who outranks everyone in the office. I asked him if it was true that we were not allowed to bring in our own personal Keurig cups. He looked confused and said "No, that's not true at all, I bring in my own sometimes." He went from confused to shocked when I told him I was being accused of stealing company water while using my own Keurig cups and that I wanted to file an official complaint...and then annoyed when I told him who was accusing me and who I wanted to complain against. He apologized profusely on behalf of the asshole manager and explained a few things.

Long story short: there were MULTIPLE complaints of the same nature against this particular manager, mostly in the vein that she was overstepping the bounds of her duties and threatening to fire people at the slightest whim....which, Senior Boss told me, was NOT her decision to make.

Senior Boss apologized again and again, told me that I was absolutely allowed to bring in my own Keurig cups, and that he would be speaking to the other manager in question. He finished by saying "her behavior will stop, I promise you, and she won't be speaking to you about this again. Let me know if she brings it up further." *He again repeated that it was not her responsibility or within her duties to fire me.*

I have a very good relationship with my Senior Boss, and he told me that while he would prefer to avoid filing an official complaint, he would understand if I chose to and would draw up the paperwork. I told him that as long as no one else was accusing me of theft and that my job wasn't actually in jeopardy (it wasn't, he kept telling me), I wouldn't file a complaint...ONLY if the asshole manager apologized in person.

I got a very tight-lipped face-to-face apology about 2 hours later from the asshole manager. I told her how insulting it was to be accused of theft, especially over something so incredibly stupid as a *single cup of water."* I told her I didn't want to talk about it further, and that I wasn't going to hold it over her head as long as she treated me fairly going forward. I told her I would not be lodging a complaint, but if I felt like I was being unjustly accused of something in the future from her, I'd have those emails she so conveniently sent me as evidence that she didn't know what she was talking about.

Like I said, I have a very good relationship with Senior Boss and I've been at my current company for 5 years...I'm not worried. I do genuinely want to thank you all again who commented yesterday, offering me support, ideas, and help. That's one of the many reasons I came to this subreddit in the first place!

I probably will end up deleting this post in a day or so, I'm not sure if that's against the rules of this subreddit or not. I very rarely post on Reddit anyway, and I honestly posted yesterday just to vent...today included.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Get everything your boss says in writing! Keep being a bunch of baddasses.

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I miss my GrandMa!

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Today is Game 6 of the 2021 World Series and if the Braves win today, Trevor Plouffe’s prediction from Opening Day will be correct.

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