HMC while we live our best life

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This piece of wall that got rounded by the sea

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My gf and my nephew have a very similar birthmark despite they aren’t related at all

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Leather made from Cactus

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Las Vegas police facing Mike Tyson after he'd just bitten Holyfield's ear off (1996)

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[Image] No, no, she’s got a point

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TIFU by getting baited into watching a very sickly porno

The title should say it all really. But if you want some back story, here we go.

So, a couple of days ago, I’m at school and with my mates. We’re all having a laugh and cutting loose as it’s our lunch break.

Then one of my friends says: “You guys seen 2 girls 1 cup?”

I see some other friends cringing and giggling and my ignorant ass says: “What’s that?”

I get looked at like I was a 4 year old.

“You are joking, right?”, my friend says.

I look at him deep in the eyes and say an underwhelming: “No”

After that, on my way back up to lessons I get explained that it was a really funny video on TikTok. (I’m not on TikTok so I was none the wiser).

I get told to google it when I got home.

Now, what I didn’t know was that it didn’t even originate from TikTok but in fact originated some 14 years earlier.

I sit down. Turn on my iPad. Crack my knuckles and type: Two girls one cup full video.

By the time I clicked, it was too late.

This post is tagged NSFW because the video is super gross and is likely to end with chronic nightmares and endless projectile vomiting.

I don’t recommend that you search this up but hey, the world is your oyster.

TL;DR I got baited into watching the most disgusting porno of all time.

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Be careful at the duck pond (This was in my head so i had to draw it)

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This shouldn’t even be a debate

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