When shortcuts enter 3D world

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Her name is Mopped and she always looks like she was just taken out of a washing machine

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Twitter removing "blacklist", "master", and "slave" from their programming language is absolutely RIDICULOUS.


Twitter just said they are removing "blacklist", "master", and "slave" from their programming language to be more inclusive and this will cost literal millions.

Look, I don't have any opinions about the BLM movement (other than stop fucking looting) because I don't live anywhere near the US and I am uninformed about black history so I do not want to make uninformed opinions, BUT this is plain fucking stupid.

Not everything that has "black" in it is about race.

Stop making everything about race if you're trying to be more "inclusive".

Stop getting your feelings hurt over something that literally shouldn't even matter.

What's next? "Master", "slave", and "blacklist" become slurs?

Who started this idea?

People are oversensitive and corporations are enabling them.

Programming language shouldn't hurt your feelings. You shouldn't be spending millions of dollars to virtue signal. Social media and social politics are getting too fucking ridiculous.

Edit: I apologize if my phrasing sounds like I'm saying protestors are looting. I am clear that it is opportunists that are taking advantage of the movement to loot. Hence, all I'm saying is that these people should not be looting — that is all.

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I messed up the first few times I tried to post this :(

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Amazing way to get the shot!

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Freakin' Ohio. Imagine getting so angry over buying ice cream you slam doors and start swearing at employees

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My guy skill up out here spitting truth

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Flexing for Instagram

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Wtf is going on here

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As if this show isn’t already amazing

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