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What the fuck just happened

I swear to god, I’m not lying or anything, believe me or not, but holy shit…..

I was just sitting in my truck next to an abandoned restaurant parking lot, just watching some YouTube and enjoying the time being by myself alone, and a 34-40 year old Latina/ Hispanic woman parks next to me ,out of all the empty spots available. I kinda got creeped out but eh, didn’t think too much of it.

She gets out her car and goes up to my window and asks me in Spanish if I have a lighter to light up her cig, and I said “nah I’m sorry, I don’t have one” and she said “aww it’s ok, thanks tho” she then goes back to her car, she sits there for 5 mins and calls me over again, I roll down my window and she says “hey, want me to give you a blowjob?” and I said “what??, nah I’m good, thanks” few moments later she popped out a titty for me saying “you sure?” . I declined politely, She started her car and left

when she left, she came back to the same parking lot a few minutes later, but parked next to another car, she could’ve asked the same thing to another person, or either she was talking to her pimp who was in there. Don’t know. I don’t even know if she is a hooker or what . But oh well

TL/DR: woman offered me a blowy and popped out a titty, I said no.

Edit: to all the people saying I should’ve taken the offer, not everything is a porn scene lol, go outside and touch some grass

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GME building up for another squeeze? 🚀

I know i've been off of reddit for awhile but don't be worried... I am back.

Yea I know you don't care who I am so let me just cut to the chase, I think we're going to see another massive GME run again very soon. Now I don't have any crazy DDs or upcoming secret catalysts to share but the way I trade stocks in general is mostly through Technical Analysis.

To keep this simple, if you're not familiar with Supply and Demand zones just think of them as "support" (Demand) and "Resistance" (Supply) for now...

On the chart pictured below, it seems like GME tested weekly demand, went up a bit, then retested it again and as you see, buyers came in and bought it up once it touched demand again! I like how it respected the trend-line as well... I personally use demand zones to add on shares/contracts to my positions (which is what I did here)


If that didn't satisfy you enough...have no fear because I have more TA to show...

Chart below is showing an apparent falling wedge on the daily and 4hr, not only did GME respect the wedge pattern, we also held the 38.2 fib support from the retracement back in march!:

GME Wedge and Fib-set

And my last example is more of just a slight theory but tell me if yall can also see this massive cup and handle showing on the daily/weekly or am I tripping?


TDLR: I think this is the GME bottom for awhile unless something crazy happens, if your gonna buy into GME, I recommend buying around here by demand and not being caught chasing when it squeezes again:/ 🚀

My positions: 8/20 250c + shares since last year

Good luck, Happy trading!

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A micromotor that allows sperm with movement defects to be delivered to the egg. Seems anything is possible at this point.

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Cop thought he had an easy target

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This trucker showing how to protect yourself when parked

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Filming of a Train scene...

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🔥 Platypus swimming in a creek

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Guenther follows this sub reddit confirmed

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