Digital art inception

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I'm something of a model myself

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These starfishes embedded in stone as a fossil

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The beach is overrated

You get there and expect to have this great time but once you get there it’s really just:

Hard to park and costly

Getting sunburnt

Sitting uncomfortably with nothing to do

Getting sand everywhere

Not having great access to the bathroom

Not having great access to food (kind of quick camping?)

Being surrounded by rambunctious kids, or creepy guys, or some frisbee amateurs

Don’t recommend

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My new office has a champagne vending machine.

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BuzzFeed asking to be left in the dirt

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Coinbase shares open at $381 on Nasdaq, valuing cryptocurrency exchange at $99.6 billion

I don't know what to say except express my dismay (wow that was poetic).

They're a really good company with a great brand identity, a plethora of creditable assets and are investing in the future.

But, that is 3x what I value them to be.

I would wait for the inevitable pullback I guess and hope for $60bln.

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I imagine not many people understand this outside a couple of the subreddits

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TIFU by posting to Reddit

Obligatory this didn't happen today, more like two years ago.

Two years ago I was living with my ex and our roommate. We will call him Tony. So Tony comes home one day with his girlfriend Taylor after finding a cat getting thrown out the car window and rescuing it. I posted on Reddit This Post with a picture of the cat saying "My roommate saw someone throw this kitten out of a window on the highway. Picked her up and went to the vet. She has a paralyzed leg and a concussion. She's getting lots of love now".

This post ends up getting some traction on Reddit and some upvotes. Taylor, the girlfriend, has a history of being batshit crazy. Screaming and slamming doors during fights and just an overall crazy girlfriend. She is on Reddit herself and sees the post on r/Cats. She comes to MY house and starts slamming doors and screaming at me threatening to beat me up because I did not mention her in the post! All I said is my roommate found the cat, not my roommate and his girlfriend.

She got so butthurt that I didn't mention her in a completely anonymous post for fake internet points. I honestly thought she was going to beat me up over this. Tony had to calm her down and I was half scared half laughing. She is much much bigger than me and actually works out. So if she did throw a punch I would be down for the count. I've never been in a fight or even close to being in a fight until this day. Probably because I am a sane and nice person and people just don't want to hit me.

She ended up taking the cat completely and never allowed me or my ex to see or hear updates on the cat. For fear I would gain more fake internet points...from strangers....on an anonymous site. And from that day on I am considered the toxic one.

Anyway, be careful what you post on Reddit. You never know what crazy person you will offend.

If you're reading this Taylor FU. Hope I get more fake internet points because of you.

TL;DR: Posted on Reddit and didn't mention my roommate's girlfriend's name in the post and she literally screamed at me and threatened to beat me up for not mentioning her.

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Damn 2mac is alive

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