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15 years ago cosmetically...

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TIFU by sending a nude to my dentist.

Hey, I´m using a second acc because my bf follows me in the main and he will kill me if he knows.

So my bf shares name with my dentist, I am a 28F and my dentist 38M, so the other day my dentist asks me in whatsapp if I will go to the appt, I say yes, I go and, making it worse, I said to him that he was looking better and younger (he had covid in january and he told me he was feeling down due that).

Well then I go home, the night came and I was a little kinky, my bf was sleeping (in his home) and I took a nude, COMPLETELY nude, to surprise my bf when he wakes up. Well I sent the pic to him with this message "This is all yours" and I went to sleep.

Let´s suppose my bf and dentist name is John, I have my bf as John and my dentist as JohnD.

Next morning I wake up and I see the answer and my mistake. My dentist told me "I think that this is not the best way to express your feelings, I am a professional and we cannot do anything beyond the limits" My heart started to RACE, I was dying of embarassment, DYING. I wrote to him that it was a mistake, explained to him everything, even sent him a screenshot of my bf contact.

I am sure he didn´t believe me, I think he thinks I said it was a mistake due the rejection, I had to come back because he had to put a me a crown, I went and he didn´t say a word, I was RED, he looked at me as I am a crazy person, not even looked at me ONCE.

Now I feel awful, I go to the same dentist since I was 20 I DON´T WANT TO GO TO ANOTHER but I think he thinks I am a crazy woman who sends nudes to all the men she wants to fuck.

Anyway, I have to see him again in three months, I don´t know what to do.

TL;DR: I sent my dentist a nude picture of me and now he thinks I am a crazy person.

EDIT: Well since this blew up I'll explain. I don't know how your countries are but in mine we use whatsapp for everything, delivery, appointments with doctors, asking questions to professionals EVERYTHING, it's the most used app here. We have therapy in whatsapp too now we are in lockdown. He sent me the typical message remembering we have an appointment. This is something completely normal. I told this to explain why I had the conversation in my main chats tab.

The name and the age thing: WTF people, where I live we have the fame of being too charismatic with each other but I didn't know you think calling your doctors by the name it's weird. We all call our drs by the first name, if it's the first time you see them no but if you go a lot of times yes. It's normal to talk too, we talk with anyone, even on the streets, it's like a cultural thing. So he told me he had covid and he aged a lot and I asked how old are you? And he answered. It's a normal conversation between two persons.

I said that he looked at me weird and then not looking at me at all because he only looked at me like this: 👀👀 and then he never looked at me anymore.

And the one who asks why I came back, you didn't get a root canal I see. He took the crown impression and I already paid for that, a lot of money, I was embarrassed sure but I paid THE HALF OF MY SALARY for that work, I had to come back. I don't think I'll come back in six months anyway. Too ashamed for that.

No, I don't like my dentist, he is not my type and I don't like older people sorry. I didn't tell my bf because he'll be jealous, he is like that. I'll tell him later maybe.

Sorry I am an italian living in South America since I was five so english it's my third language.

Oh and the ones telling it's normal using whatsapp like that in south america, yes I am from South America, stop thinking everyone lives in the US and has your way of living. I can't believe how cold you are, we even say hello to our doctors with a kiss on the cheek lol, well now with covid we say hello with a fist bump.

And the ones saying it's fake, I don't care, this is a throwaway account so I don't want the karma.

Thanks to the people giving advice about my bf situation. So lovely ❤️

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Cyclists are annoying and dangerous and should not be allowed to share roads with cars

I drive for a living and I’m never more stressed out than when I come across cyclists. They /love/ to ride in the middle of the road as if they’re cars, even though they’re going way under the speed limit, often causing a line of unhappy drivers behind them. They often don’t stop at stop signs and just blow through them with their stupid hand signals just expecting everyone else to stop. GOD FORBID you don’t let them go first at a 4 way stop. The bike lanes themselves are pointless as I rarely see them actually being used. Not to mention the fact that if there were to be a collision it would be my fault 100% of the time.

Just download Zwift or go on a bike designated trail and stay the fuck away from me.

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The inside of this cabbage looks like an alien

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spacex boosters coming back on earth to be reused again

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What do Americans do or think that irritates you?

What do Americans do that you don’t agree with or irritate you?

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When the pubs have been closed for 4 months, a bit of rain won't stop these lads.

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