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Mod Clearly Baiting People To Give Him Karma And It Working. (If Mods Really Cared Why Would A Mod Acknowledge Mod Abuse And Not Do Anything About It?)

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What is the cutest Pokémon?

Hey guys, Me and my partner have been back into Pokémon and her favourite Pokémon are ones she thinks are “cute” which means she dislikes all legendaries 😂 I wanna know what you guys think are some of the cutest Pokémon so I can show her some of your guys picks!! Thank u 😊

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Some people can't stand getting honked at. If you're gonna brake check someone, don't do it so far away.

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[OC] Florida makes up 6.5% of the US population but has 20% of new Covid cases and hospitalizations.

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No one likes you Dr. Facts

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Here Are The 22 Representatives Who Voted AGAINST The Short Sale Transparency And Market Fairness Act

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Genuinely believing the BBC offers incredible value for money but never voicing it in public.

Until now...

I honestly think that the services rendered by the BBC warrant the licence fee payment. A lot of their services give opportunities to creative and talented people who otherwise might not see the light of day.

Their radio broadcasts are some of the best, 6music in particular. its DJs very often give exposure to some of the best new music around, often from smaller acts. Same can be said for Jools Holland's show.

Their TV production of late hasn't been great but in the past its taken risks and given us stuff like, The Office, Killing Eve, House of Cards, Sherlock, Line of Duty, Fleabag, Top Gear, Faulty Towers, etc

As an aspiring screenwriter their bbc writer's room gives a ton of free resources including their drama and comedy 'send us your unsolicited scripts' opportunities, with are almost unheard of in the industry.

Their iplayer is great.

National and local news, a lot of which people take issue with, but fuck me I'll take bbc news over ITV anyday. Their weather apps are often poor but who's aren't.

Overall I believe its an institution that brings joy to many, champions the creative underdog, and is well worth its price.

(And yes ... Mrs brown's boys does work against my argument...)

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Dating OF Model.

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I was thinking about how people are having intercourse at younger ages

Earlier today i saw a post here from a guy talking about a 13 year old girl was already having sex, and i personally know a 14 year old who has been doing the same.

It seems crazy to me how 6th and 7th graders think its okay for them to be having sex already, and i know alot of you will agree.

Personally i think some part could be played by sexualization in ads for kids, and places like youtube in general. Might seem like a dumb karen helicopter parent thing to say, but if you’re exposed to anything frequently enough, it becomes normalized.

And that shouldnt really happen to people THAT young, its just weird

Edit: i didnt think this was possible but some people would prefer young teens/kids have sex instead of relationships because they’re a waste of time. Reddit 2021 everybody

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