Are there “real” consequences for a weird signature?

To explain, every time I write or sign my name, I draw a very simplified dragon at the end of my name. Some people have to ask what it is, and it only takes, like, 2 extra seconds to do, and I’m very proud of it.

I started doing it years ago because I had the realization that nobody could stop me. There’s no where in the law that says I can’t do it, plus, I really love dragons. I’ve never looked back since then. I even drew it on my driver’s license and other legal documents since then and haven’t experienced any problems yet. It’s not like I’m gonna get arrested for some extra lines at the end of my name, and what’s the government gonna do? Judge me? People have told me “you can’t do that,” but I haven’t really heard any reason with an external consequence.

Anyways, I’m in college now, and I’m at this point wondering if this is something I should continue. In my eyes, it’s something completely harmless that gives me enjoyment, but a few people with input I trust say I should probably stop as I am developing into a professional. Developing into a professional is especially important as I’m in music education to become a band director, and (as with most things but even more so for educators) a good standing with colleagues and students is supremely important, so it makes me wonder if I should cut it out with the dragon as to not appear childish to potential employers and other musicians in my profession. I personally don’t thing it’s childish- I think it’s completely harmless- but perhaps I’m being blind sighted. Could it actually have an impact on my future career and the respect I demand?

Sorry that was long, but any input would be appreciated.

TL;DR, I quickly draw a dragon next to my name both in print and in my signatures. To me, it’s completely harmless, but could it have an impact on my future career or some other unforeseeable consequence?

EDIT: Oh dang, I didn't expect this to get so much attention. Thank you everybody for your advice and input! Lots of people have asked for the dragon, so here he is. (This is not the full signature, for obvious reasons.)

EDIT 2: Not that anybody knows unless I tell them, but the dragon’s name is Leeroy.

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Contrary to popular belief, JK Rowling did not invent fantasy

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CMV: I view most obese people as lazy individuals who are more of a detriment to society than a benefit.

This view has been growing as I have worked in the medical field. day after day I see obese individuals come into the hospital. I would say almost all of these individuals are this obese due to their own doings. I see pregnant women come in at 400 plus pounds who are setting up their children for a future of failure.

I see work colleagues having to be very PC and beat around the bush as to why this 450 lb 27-year-old is having chest pain, I see my co-workers bend over backwards to assist a 400-lb pregnant woman who purposely got pregnant and is having complications after she was told to not get pregnant. It just annoys me how we have somehow decided to be very PC with obese individuals and not call these individuals out for the damage they are doing to themselves and our nation.

I don't know what it is like to hate a person because of the color or their skin or where they live, but I do have a rage inside when it comes to obese and extremely overweight people. I simply view them as lazy individuals who hurt society more than help.

I have recognized this and would like some interpretations from people about their views.

Update: 09/22. I have read a ton of comments and I appreciate all of the great feedback from most individuals. I'm going to try to be more empathetic and compassionate to these individuals and give them the best medical treatment I can give. I will work on leaving my bias aside and not letting it get so personal. At the end of the day if these people want to not help themselves then so be it. Thank you for all the wonderful discussions and insightful points.

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A woman with a big, black, hairy, stuffed dick on the front of her mask.

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We've come a long way

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All of that stress just to be ejected. Part 3 of mashing up the art by u/Neytirixx

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A rare view of the Statue of Liberty from the balcony on its torch. The exit there has been closed since 1916.

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9 years later and this mad lad still isn't done

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Wholesome gopnik

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The definition of this sub

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