Cheese 👍

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She’s such a good girl

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This carved stick that can rise through water

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This sub has me thinking of moving out of the US.

Anyone know what the work life is like in Canada? Is it better than the US?

Edit: Looks like I was overly naive and Canada's housing situation is as bad and the job market isn't better either.

Also, TIL that the US will tax my ass wherever I go. And only one other country on Earth does that: Eritrea 🇪🇷.

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Using only emojis, what is your favorite Pokémon?

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Jack Skellington Costume- worked on this one on and off for 2 years!

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Why are you so far away, friend?

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How the baggage handlers load bags on a plane.

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My boyfriend doesn’t live with me but he spends 5 out of 7 days of the week at my house. Is it wrong for me to be upset when he uses all my stuff and won’t buy anything to replace it?

I buy expensive shower gel. He used it all up. Claimed he accidentally spilt it in the shower. He told me he would replace it. This was 6 months ago. He does small loads of laundry rather than waiting for a large load and uses waaaay too much detergent, beads and dryer sheets. He eats all my snacks. He drinks all my bottled water and tea. Never buys any to replace them.

I guess I was specifically set off today because he told me he would buy me 5 cases of water to replace all the water he’s been drinking. I know, it’s just water but I also drink a lot and having to buy new cases constantly adds up. So, we go to the store. I told him he doesn’t have to buy 5 and 2 will do. He insists on buying 5 so I’m like okay. I get my own stuff and at checkout I had to use the restroom so I gave him my card to get my stuff. What does he do? He charges it all on my card rather than just my portion. It was $15 worth of water. I’m so annoyed cause that is a lot of money to me. I only got the 5 cases cause he was supposed to pay for it.

To add, I bought a thing of Oreos. It was Pokémon Oreos. When he got to checkout, I wasn’t there cause I was in the bathroom but apparently the cashier told him to watch out for a particular character on the Oreos cause that Oreo would sell for $8,000 online since it’s so rare. He was super excited about it and decided to go and buy the rest of the Pokémon Oreos on the shelf which was 6 more bags. For the small chance of getting that rare Oreo. But he couldn’t buy my water. He claimed he just forgot. But he ALWAYS “forgets” when it comes to buying stuff for my house that he uses a lot of.

Now he’s talking about buying a $1,200 phone at full price. So I know it’s not cause he doesn’t have money for it.

Am I wrong to be upset about all of this? It seems petty and small but it’s frustrating for me. I guess I could just use some advice.

Edit: I did confront him about the water in the car. He said “I forgot. Damn I can’t do anything right.” Then, I wrote this. We just got back to my house. He laid out all the fucking Oreo bags on the table and said “which one should I open first?” I said “why can you spend $24 on Oreos but you couldn’t buy my water?” He said he was sorry and turned the subject into something sexual. I, obviously annoyed, ignored him. He then put his headphones in and started jamming to music. I waited a few minutes and blew up on him. He told me he would buy all the stuff I’ve been asking him to buy over the past few weeks when he gets paid cause it adds up to $100 and he “has never spent that much in a day.” He just bought a $100 hoodie last week. Lie. I confronted him with that. He said he would buy the grocery related stuff right now and would buy my shower gel and laundry stuff when he got paid. He just left to buy the grocery related stuff. I doubt he’s going to buy the other stuff without me having to ask him again. I appreciate everyone’s responses and I’m seriously rethinking our relationship.

Edit 2: I got the “rare” Oreo in my bag and I ate it in front of him. It’s not that rare lol. I think I crushed his soul when I showed him the posts on eBay.

Edit 3: I am getting a lot of comments about why I buy so much bottled water. Unsafe drinking water. I always feel sick when I drink the tap water even when it’s filtered. Don’t worry, I recycle. And once again, thank you so much to all the supportive comments. I really appreciate everyone’s perspective.

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