X-Ray, By Me, charcoal and color pencil, 2018.

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When you put it that way...

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Amazing soccer skills

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P*ssy is one of the most cringiest words used to describe genitalia and I hate hearing it

I absolutely cannot stand it at all. I've had boyfriends tell me that they were gonna "f*ck my p*ssy" and it's an instant turn off. Like, I physically cringe at it and I can't stand it. Even when I say "can you say that to me?" they think I'm joking when i say that I get disgusted when I hear it. It should be banned as a word

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I know what I'm watching this Christmas

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This comment under an Ask Reddit thread is the cleverest come back

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Truth can be so difficult!

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LPT: Single guys living alone: get an “emergency female comfort station” (tampons, pads, other feminine products and soaps). You may not need it but if you have female guests (family, friends, romantic partners) they will GREATLY appreciate it.

More general items to keep available for guests as well:

  • hair ties

  • trash can (I’m shocked this isn’t automatic)

  • tooth brushes

  • bandaids

ITT: People that think I’m a:

  • Creep

  • Simp

  • Player

And you don’t fucking tell them that you have one like it’s a goddamn selling point you Neanderthals. They check under the sink like a normal person...

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23, got dumped for "being pretty with no ideas". Make me feel worse, please.

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