Hand carved Star Wars stormtrooper mask. May the 4th be with you!

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Each year the city of Warsaw comes to a complete standstill for a single minute on August 1st to honor all those who fought for freedom during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944

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Look at me

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Anthony Davis' Ask-Me-Anything was a disgrace, and this sub should be ashamed.

Seriously? A top 10 player in the league decides to give us the time of the day, and we repay him with all of those troll questions? The top 20 voted questions were all so out of pocket. I love my fair share of memes too, but this went way overboard.

Everyone from the users asking garbage questions to the mods having ZERO moderation should be ashamed.

This was not a good look for the website, and not a good look for potential future AMA's.

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SEC has no objections to NSCC-801!


We now need NSCC-002 to be approved for the changes to be implemented. The deadline is for an SEC response to NSCC-002 is 5/8, but effectively 5/7 because of the weekend.

Here's my post with the complete timeline:


Edit: It is worth reading Section III of the SEC statement. The SEC supports the change on many levels, which is good news for NSCC-002.

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Sounds like a plan

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When did you realize you were a decently attractive guy/not ugly

For me it was when I took a good look in the mirror and was like, “hey, I beat myself up too much. I’m a decent looking guy.” After that my confidence boosted and women took more of an interest in me. What made you guys realize this?

Edit: also because working out has made me appreciate myself more and a girl I was talking to told me I was cute and asked if we could send. That was a huge boost in my confidence. We were gonna hookup but she had a bf so I cut off all ties with her and I was an emotional wreck for a day or two because of how bad I felt.

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My puppy is rather malleable when she's napping. Decided to make a quick stop motion animation with her!

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TIFU by graduating college with a degree that I truly couldn’t care less about.

Yup. 5 years and $73,000 of student loans later, I’m graduating in a week with a business-related degree and the recurring thought keeps hitting me, “wait a minute here, I don’t even like business. In fact, business is the absolute worst.”

Nobody else is at fault here but myself of course, and at this point I can’t help but laugh. I could’ve changed my major at some point, I certainly had to enough time to do so during the 5 FUCKING YEARS IT TOOK ME TO GRADUATE, but instead my dumbass just hoped that business would end up growing on me. It did not.

I always loved the arts but I couldn’t stomach the idea of pursuing a degree that seems to offer such serious job insecurity. Instead I chose the safe route, and now that’s even harder to stomach. Hah oh dear...

I made my bed time to sleep in it I guess lol whoops.

TLDR: I chose safety instead of fulfillment and now I have a degree that I don’t give a gosh darn fuck about. Follow ur dreams bitch.

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I don't think they get enough credit for their awesomeness!

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