Have the majority of guys used a "cum sock" to masturbate into?

I have just always assumed they were a thing based on I don't know what, but it seems not, so I've been wondering how common they really are?

Edit: I figured I might add that I'm a woman, hence the curiosity

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Best games to share with a struggling teen?

Hi - somewhat clueless dad here looking for some advice.

My teen is having a really rough time - diagnosed with mild ASD and ADHD in the last few months, he's never really had IRL friends and is suffering badly from depression and negative thoughts. One of the few things that he really enjoys - and that we enjoy together - is playing games on the Switch.

We've played through a number of games together - Most of the Mario titles, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, and Cuphead, among others. It's a small portion of the day where we can just kind of hang out and it's like therapy for him. I'm not good at any of them - he is amazingly good (he's S-ranked Cuphead multiple times on his own). But even for 20 minutes a day, the time we share working through game levels really seems to help his mood, and it's been great for our relationship.

I'm looking for more recommendations for games like these that we can play - where we can play at the same time, but which aren't competing with one another (a la Smash Bros). Extra points for games with enough sophistication in the design and gameplay to keep a young gaming enthusiast interested - while also forgiving enough for a clueless dad to stay in the mix.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

EDIT: Wow! Wow! Thank you all for so many kind and thoughtful responses. Gonna start with Stardew Valley!

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Your two “service dogs” barking at my actual service dog.

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Defusing the bomb in front of his crying eyes.

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Helmets are basically vaccines

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What to do when the girlfriend asks the holy question “am I getting fat”?

When clothes don’t fit anymore as good as they used to…

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surprised pikachu face

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So, the head of the SEC has said on live TV that apes are not only doing no wrong, but may also be acting as a guard against manipulation. And then he goes out of his way to personally post the footage of him saying it when said TV station tries to hide the footage. GG 💎🙌🚀🚀

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