In Wayne's World 2, Charlton Heston makes a brief cameo appearance to demonstrate the difference between a bad and amazing actor.

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Happiest countries in Europe (World Happiness Report 2020)

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I met a player today in a mythic+ dungeon who didn’t know what an interrupt, dispel, debuff or silence was. I now realize just how little WoW teaches new players.

They were a tank, and they advertised their own key. When I first joined, they said they were ‘new’ - I presumed they meant new to Tanking, and was like yea man, no problem. We start the key. I noticed they weren’t doing any interrupts, and they were pretty squishy, but it was my first mythic of the day and I was kind of on autopilot so I didn’t think much of it. I was the healer and was a little overgeared for the mythic so we did fine and timed it.

They questioned why they didn’t get any loot, which was. Odd. Then when the mage asked if anyone wanted the gear that dropped for them, the Tank asked for it. ..a cloth item. I found this pretty weird so I stayed in the group and inspected their gear.

All 158/171 gear. It was a low mythic, but not that low. And they had put on the cloth helm. I asked why, they seemed confused. I mention Armor Skills in their Spellbook and they.. don’t know what that is. I had to tell them how to open their Spellbook, what the General tab was, and then they found it - then I explained they needed all of one armor type. They eventually got it. Not knowing how to navigate their Spellbook was really odd, so I asked how long they’d been playing.

Ten days.

A ten-day-old player was level60 and tanking mid-range mythic keys.

I decide that I’ll just gear this guy up with some Timewalking dungeons to get them their weekly quest and be on my merry way. That didn’t really happen. Once I taught them what Timewalking was, and made sure they had the quest - First dungeon in and I realize they just. Don’t use their interrupt. I ask if they know they have one. They have no idea what I’m talking about.

This eventually turned into a 4-hour session of me doing practice Duels outside Stormwind with this complete stranger, discovering to my horror that they did not know what an Interrupt was, or a Brez, or a Silence, or a Debuff, or a Dispel, or even that their Ironfur could stack, or any Party/Raid functions like Ready Check, or - the list goes on. We only stopped because I had to go, but they added me, so I hope to help them more later.

I feel so bad for this guy.

A tank, doing mythic+ keys for who knows how long, with an item level too low to get any loot from them, not knowing so many of the basic mechanics of the game. And they were saying sorry so much, I am pretty sure they’d been flamed more than once and had no idea why.

Exile’s Reach is pretty but doesn’t teach NEARLY as much as it needs to.

P.S. tank friend, if you see this, know that you did just fine and you’re doing your best and I’m proud of you.

Edit: Some people are assuming they were a boosted character. They were not! They leveled to 50 through solo questing alone, then did the Shadowlands solo quest campaign up to 60. Then just started the dungeon grind I guess. Leveling is really, really fast in Retail.

Edit 2: I passed out and woke up to 500+ notifications, holy heck. Thanks for the rewards and discussion everybody! I really like the ‘revamped Proving Grounds’ idea going around for teaching mechanics. Like a contained, class-inclusive monk’s Serenity training; when they hit a certain level, they get a quest to enter the Proving Grounds and then are taught how to interrupt and stuff. I’ll try to respond to what I can!

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“Ive never found a black woman attractive but I think you’re beautiful”

That is not a compliment. Please do not say this to any black woman you are interested in. Automatic turn off

Edit: this didn’t happen to me on a date anytime recently so this isn’t a “give me advice” post. Im trying to GIVE the advice. This can be used for anything (height, any race, etc). Thank you 😊

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hello, i'm Porter Robinson, producer / songwriter / electronic musician! AMA

hello (again) everyone! i did an AMA 6 years ago around the release of my last album, Worlds. since then, I worked on "Shelter" with Madeon, and also co-created "Shelter the Animation" shortly after. i also launched a side project a few years ago called Virtual Self (recommended if you're interested in deep dives into electronic music subgenres and turn-of-the-millennium aesthetics).

last friday, i released my second album, "Nurture", which is a project that took me about 6 years on-and-off. after "Worlds", i felt this really strong need to write an album that explored the beauty of reality and of the everyday, but as i'm sure we'll get into here, it was one of the hardest (and most worthwhile!) things i've ever done.

here's the new album "nurture" !

feel free to ask me anything!

i'm also really interested in speaking about creativity more broadly, since it's something i've thought about a lot over the last few years.


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Deranged cop finally gets fired

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Why George Lucas, why?

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Twitch goes live to address controversial sexual content on the platform, such as hot tub streamers, by introducing a new feature- a "not interested" button. Twitch streamers and r/LivestreamFail react and aren't too happy with the feature- 4 threads of rage included.

What the most famous hot tub streams look like for context: (ALL NSFW) Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3 and how popular they are. Also, the top hot tub streamers, Amouranth and Indiefoxx, usually have 10k+ viewers.

A new heated thread just popped up so there's actually 5 threads but for those who don't want to bother reading it all there's a TLDR at the bottom!

Thread 1:

Twitch comments on the hot tub meta: "Our nudity and attire policy does allow bathing suits in an appropriate context and hot tubs do fall under that criteria, however what has not changed is the sexually suggestive and explicit content that is not allowed"- Clip

Top Comments:

-"...and twitch will take action when that is reported to us." Kappa (Kappa is used to convey sarcasm or irony)

-The problem is Twitch does not actually look at the context so all the hot tub streams and "yoga" streams are just taking advantage of the site. Wearing a string bikini, doing 'yoga', being down on all fours and thanking subs isnt them doing yoga but Twitch will say, well they are doing yoga so its okay. Wearing a string bikini, in an inflatable hot tub in their bedroom, sitting on an inflatable banana, writing names on it and their foreheads with chaturbate dono notification sounds, in Twitch's eyes they are in a hot tub so they can wear a bikini. The intent of these streams isnt too have fun in a hot tub, go to the beach or get a workout. Its to use their bodies to make money and exploit all these coomers. If Twitch cannot look themselves in the mirror and actually look at the intent of the streams its going to continue. It is sexual content. If a streamer actually is doing yoga, engaging with viewers, wearing actual work out clothes or going to a pool/hot tub or beach and they are wearing a bikini more power to them. There is only one reason you do yoga in a bikini or blow up a pool in your room, exploitation to make money.

-"hot tub streams are not sexually suggestive and fall within the current guidelines." I see, so if a 12 year old did the same thing, I presume it would be tolerated as it is not sexual content?

-So at what point does your entire content that revolves around wearing bikinis and bending over to show your asshole become sexual content? Even if that wasn't the case, you can go to the stream chats for these channels and see that the viewers are constantly catcalling while making tits and ass the main focus of the stream.

-Twitch’s first rule in regards to prohibited sexually suggestive content: “Content or camera focus on breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region, including poses that deliberately highlight these elements” Literally every hot tub stream is breaking the first rule when it comes to sexually suggestive content and Twitch does nothing.

-He actually handled the topic pretty well. Confirmed the loophole, Says people at Twitch are "looking at it.", Provides ways to avoid it (via the 'Not Interested' and Report feature).

-Why is Twitch able to see past "loopholes" when it comes to "hateful" conduct (TriHard/similar memes on stream) but is unable to do so when it comes to blatantly sexualized streams that violate the ToS? (TriHard is an emote in twitch chat with the face of a black streamer often used/spammed for racist reasons, which has lead to viewers and streamers being banned)

-Im surprised that this hasn't affected Amazon's relationship with the companies they run ads for. A few years ago there was the huge demonitization drama on youtube, with a lot of the big companies pulling their ads off the site because of the content it was being put on. This hot tub meta is definitely becoming a bigger and bigger story, wonder if it might just blow up in the Amazon's face sometime soon.

Thread 2:

Twitch staff demonstrates how the new feature works by using it on a hot tub streamer: by clicking on the 'not interested' option, you won't see them being recommended to you- Clip

Top Comments:

-Conclusion : Don't like it, close your eyes. Classic twitch LULW (LULW basically means LOL)

-I'm not going to sit there and manually hide 50+ live hottub streams. Especially when I'm squeezing my hog

-it's like the report button when down reporting it auto redirects you to the twitch home page

-Reddit tried to do it with /popular and it failed. They had to ban nude content for /all, so it wont appear there anymore. Put a sexual suggestive thumbnail on youtube and you have 10x more viewers. Sexual content will always be one of the most popular content. Twitch wants to make money as 3rd party in this market and not let them be on instagram or onlyfans, otherwise those streamers would have been departnered long time ago.

-I tested with a virtual machine, in an incognito browser, whilst connected to a VPN and had multiple hot tub streamers recommended immediately upon entering the homepage. This wasn't based on previous streams clicked or on saved cookies. So tell me, minors and others who don't want NSFW content on the homepage should have to resort to manually clicking 'Not Interested' each and every time? Why can't they implement blurring of thumbnails like they do on art sharing platforms like Artstation. Or restrict those kind of streamers elsewhere other than the homepage where literally anyone can visit before browsing...

-It's a temporary solution until the real problem arises when the 13 to 17 year old kids start doing them. Then you got a really big fucking problem. Do you just hide it then still? It doesn't exist if you just hide it right? with a heavily downvoted response: Start doing what? Hot tub streams? Anyone under 18 who does a bikini stream would be banned. I don't get why so many people on LSF keep thinking about teenage girls doing streams in bikinis. It's pretty fucking creepy.

-Hiding streams works super great if you dont have an account YEP

Thread 3- NSFW CLIP(clip isn't in the thread anymore so here it is)

Twitch streamer Destiny jokingly goes and watches the hot tub streamer that the twitch staff demonstrated the feature on in the previous thread, saying that twitch has no incentive to be honest: NSFW CLIP

Top Comments:

-holy hips

-Twitch has had a "I am not interested in this recommendation" button for years, it's not new.

-Hide just chatting to hide the BOOBA ? maybe make a BOOBA section so we can hide that (booba refers to sexual content)

-Just close your eyes lol with a heavily downvoted response: This but unironically. I have never been recommended a single one of these streamers and I only see them because of LSF whining about them nonstop.

-Time to make a coomer account and start clicking not interested on everything that isn't hot-tub streams so I can have my own curated coomer content similar to booba tv. (A coomer is someone who is addicted to pornography and masturbation to the point where their whole life is affected by it)

-the problem with twitch is that theyre lying hypocritical bastards. Are you ok with titty streams? Fucking say it, dont tip toe around this bullshit, if twitch explicitly says that this sexual content is fine, who cares. The problem is their HYPERinconsistence and how they refuse to communicate with people outside of a few select top streamers

-Twitch "We show softcore porn to minors unless they opt out" .tv

-Corporations don't give a fuck about what you think....They will only care when the normans media pick the subject up and the sponsors start rigging. Happened so many times here on reddit.

-Reminds me of the Quin clip where Twitch’s amazing “new feature and solution”, that took 6 months to make, for the DMCA stuff was just printing out the strikes you had gotten in the past and then adding a “delete all” option for your clips and vods. That’s it. Actual joke of a company.

-this doesnt solve anything lmao

-this is like EA's blog where fifa ultimate team offers a choice. "just don't buy the packs"

Some downvoted comments:

-People used to be outraged and try to ban any game with a modicum of violence in them. Rock music was going to corrupt the youth and turn them into satanists. Now you people are the ones who try to act like women wearing bikinis and teenagers being able to see it is going to ruin them. Most teenagers that want to see that kind of content or more, will or have already, its literally easier than ever. Anyway, you guys fall into the same group of people that I spoke of in my first two sentences and yet most of you have probably thought at some point that those people are stupid, sanctimonious etc. and yet here you are.

-You guys are such clowns. You spam booba in chat all day but whenever a girl streams you all mald

-People really out here having a meltdown over some titties, fuck is wrong with y'all lmao

Thread 4

Twitch streamer Maya sarcastically tells her twitch chat that it's their fault that kids and advertisers see naked women on twitch- Clip

Top Comments:

-I don't actively watch coomer streams, but Amouranth has been on my recommendeds for the past 2 months, I think Indiefox was in there for a couple weeks too. Never clicked on them, but they still end up there for some idk. (Amouranth and Indiefox are the top hot tub streamers currently)

-I wonder how many people have messed up their algorithm by hate watching the hottub streamers

-Now if a 13 year old was doing these hot tub streams there would be a problem. They don't think about that... so it's provenly sexually suggestive.

-"The Twitch Services are not available to persons under the age of 13. If you are between the ages of 13 and the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction of residence, you may only use the Twitch Services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms of Service." if you see a child unsupervised on twitch, remember to report them and get them off the platform, it's not safe for them to be there by design

-So you are saying if I selected not interested to all the non-tub streamers, I will only be recommended booba? Nice

-It’s my fault, I know

-Interesting how much less Twitch I watch now because of the unholy trinity of anti adblock, dmca, and coomer baiters

Some downvoted comments:

-I know she's saying it ironically but its so grating hearing these opinions bc its essentially just "Think of the kids and money!"

-Wearing bikinis isnt considered sexual to a healthy human. If that was the case women wouldn't be allowed to wear them at public pools and beaches. Get a fucking grip on reality please.

-alright someone give me a rational explanation. what kids should not be shown NSFW stuff, but are fine being exposed to shit like "DOGE TO THE MOON!!!" and constant swearing/violence in actual livestreams a click away (i can think of like 3 family friendly streamers that populate the top 5 at any given point). also, how old are these kids? aren't you not allowed to have a twitch account until 13 (or is that just for livestreaming?) if sponsors dont care, the streamers dont care, and viewers dont care, why should twitch care? is anyone actually going to stop watching twitch because of booba streamers? where are you watching twitch that brief thumbnails of booba streamers is gonna get you in trouble? and in which case, why are you watching it there? isnt the majority of this shit in just chatting? what kids are browsing just chatting? i think the only good suggestions i've seen are to just ban nsfw shit from being shown on the front page. that doesn't just go for boobie streamers however, ban any streamer that has the "mature broadcasting" popup on their stream from appearing on the front page.


-She and amouranth* are wrong about advertisement. When I click on diegosauraus’ (apex pro) stream I always get Trojan ads. You think Trojan gives two shits about coomer streams? Aren’t there alcohol ads in Twitch now too? They won’t care either. Television used to get raunchy late night and was always raunchy on certain channels. The responsibility has always been on the consumer that’s why TV programs and movies are rated. Are hot tub streams always marked mature 18+ ?if so I’m pretty sure that’s all the disclaimer they will ever need. At some point you might see a twitch after dark or something sketch but for now they are saying what network TV said decades ago, don’t like the mature content? Turn it off. I meme as a coomer but that’s for shits and giggles but I am a realist and this is the world we live in.

-I'm always amazed when women argue against these hard won freedoms, what would be acceptable the 60's or 50's? maybe sharia law was right, it's all way too sinful... and then you have these closet Incels pretending to be simps that give this thundering applause lol

Thread 5 (made after my post), definitely the most heated thread as of yet!

The twitch staff member, or the Head of Creator Development of twitch, djWheat, that presented the twitch stream tweets in response to someone criticizing the solution to the hot tub streams saying "they're disappointed" and that they (djWheat) "clearly haven't watched more than 2 mins of these (hot tub) streams or you don't know your own TOS". dJWheat's response: You are correct, I have not watched more than 2 minutes of those streams because that’s not what I watch on Twitch.

Top comments:

-Ignorance to a topic is not a great reason to why they fail to address something that continoues to increasingly be called out as a glaring problem with Twitch's enforcement of TOS. I don't even care if they just remove the sexual content TOS bit and make it allowed --- then atleast they've taken a stance one way or another, but right now they have rules that say this meta shouldn't be a thing (because we all understand what they are selling) but they won't enforce those rules. Atleast they are strangely consistent in how they are always inconsistent in their ability to enforce their TOS appropriately.

-I made this same comment yesterday but since it’s come up again, Twitch’s first rule in regards to prohibited sexually suggestive content: “Content or camera focus on breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region, including poses that deliberately highlight these elements” Literally every hot tub stream is breaking the very first rule when it comes to sexually suggestive content and Twitch does nothing.

-the fk is that kind of answer? is this the riot security guy 2.0 or what?

-Imagine your Head of Creator Development acting like this

-DJWheat is the perfect person that no one likes and acts as a shield for the stupidity of twitch because he has built a career out of simping for corporate. That guy is a collection of loose fuckmeat thrown together and called a person.

-That's such a moronic response by a person who's ostensibly to some degree responsible for all the content on the site regardless of what he himself watches as a user.

-"You are correct. I dont use our product because our product is trash"

-I’m so confused if the Twitter guy is against or for hot tub streams. with a response that has more upvotes: like most of everything else regarding twitch, he doesn't know shit about it

-AKA, “don’t blame me, blame all the desperate simps that watch it.” Personally idk how you guys watch it longer than a few minutes they just sit there and read chat

-It's like saying. "We will now allow porn, racism and homophobia based streams on our platform." "If you don't like that, then just don't watch."

-Corporate POS.

Completely missing the point I see. Why does it keep boiling down to "if you don't like it, don't watch it"? I don't think it's ever been the argument that we're all getting offended by seeing a chick in a bikini or something. It's the fact that they're using a clear loophole to promote sexual content and avoid a ban. Like, if you're bringing a fucking hot tub into your living room for the sole purpose to be allowed to wear a bikini on stream then that's obviously to promote sexual content. Another dead give away is that they all do it to sell onlyfans. This is apparently completely fine and acceptable, but accidently show a woman on a YouTube clip in a bra in a non sexual way. Banned. This inconsistency is the main driver behind people's anger towards the hot tub meta. Another lesser reason is that this content is easily viewed by kids, because Twitch is a "gaming platform" it circumvents all porn filters and even tricks parents whove never visited the site. Me clicking "I'm not interested" does nothing to help either of these issues.

Funny side note: Twitch viewers I believe have created another site, (NSFW), where some of the sexually suggestive streams from twitch are displayed. This might also give you a better idea of what these streams look like and how popular they are.

Tldr: Twitch went live on their channel yesterday and stated that hot tub streamers aren’t breaking their TOS policy but also that sexually suggestive and explicit content still isn’t allowed. For those displeased with such content, Twitch introduced a new feature that lets you block streamers you don’t want to see. This left streamers and viewers confused and dissatisfied because they consider hot tub streams as softcore porn that should be banned as it’s sexually motivated and that the new feature doesn’t really address the core problem. The staff member who presented the twitch stream responded to criticism by tweeting that he doesn't really watch hot tub streams inflaming r/LivestreamFail even further.

Edit: Just added clips of what the most famous hot tub streams look like for context at the top of this post and a side note

Edit 2: Just added a tldr

Edit 3: Breaking! The twitch staff member on the stream covered in the thread, djWheat, just tweeted in response to someone criticizing the solution to hot tub streams: You are correct, I have not watched more than 2 minutes of those streams because that’s not what I watch on Twitch. A new HEATED thread has popped up on r/LivestreamFail and I've updated the post in case you'd like some extra drama!

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Ray-tracing 2 years ago vs ray-tracing today.

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