Rich kid on flight part 2

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Why do people make it feel weird to leave work as soon as your shift ends?

So I started a new job and today was the first day of my fourth week. This is my first job in an office setting. My hours are 8-5 with an hour for lunch. I usually arrive 5-10 minutes before 8 (except for one day when I missed my exit and was 15 minutes late), and only start working at 8:00 no matter how early I arrive.

Also as soon as the clock ticks 5 I'm out of there. On my way out I get some weird looks because almost everyone there is still working.

Now I'm salaried and don't get paid overtime so why should I stick around?

That and I already spend almost an hour commuting each way so I want to get home ASAP to enjoy whatever time I have left before I have to sleep and repeat.

It's just the looks that I keep getting that make me feel like I'm doing something illegal.

I'm in the US if that makes any difference.

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The fact that western society is more sex positive and sex is becoming so much less taboo makes it so much more depressing that I’m a 23 year old loser virgin.

I feel like I missed the boat. I feel like a child when all of my friends are adults. It’s like they all progressed with women and in romantic/sexual relationships at a normal rate and I’m no more experienced at 23 than I was at 12.

And I know everyone’s going to tell me, “it’s not a race, everyone does it at different times” and yeah I get it but it’s still both incredibly demoralizing and depressing to see everyone around you succeed while you fail. It’s like everyone got manuals on how to get girls to like them and mine got lost in the Mail.

Everyone around me is either in a relationship or just constantly getting laid and I feel like I have some defect. Even when I’m not with people, sex is literally everywhere. In every TV show I watch, in every song I hear, in everything. I tried to watch a documentary about a shitty theme park and it had 20 minutes on how all the teenager workers were just banging 24/7 and it made me too jealous to watch the show.

God I just wish I could be normal.

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Showing off a wheelie, and then..

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Frontier passenger allegedly touched 2 flight attendants breasts, then screamed his parents are worth $2 million, before punching a flight attendant. Frontier suspended the crew for duct taping the passenger to his seat as they landed in Miami. Max Berry proceeds to defend himself on twitter.

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Face filter kept on glitching

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Is MCU no longer friendly to casual fans?

I have a friend who is a casual fan of the MCU, and I recommended Loki to him since I liked it a lot. After he finished the show, he told me he didn’t like most of it, even the finale, which surprised me cause I liked the finale the most.

He explained to me that the entire show was almost entirely exposition which he thought was really boring. The finale wasn’t exciting for him cause it again was just exposition and he wasn’t excited about Kang cause he didn’t really do anything special in the show.

It made me realize that I was only excited about Kang appearing and setting up the multiverse because of prior knowledge I have about him from this subreddit and just being a big Marvel fan in general.


Just to expand, my friend was mostly disappointed cause Loki felt more like it was trying to setup the rest of the MCU instead of making a story that works by itself. He went into it expecting the story to be resolved by the end, but he found that the last episode was just setting up the next few movies.

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The best ending

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She posts a birthday gift list to Facebook every year

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Cat defends itself from attacking Cobra

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