Trainer suggested a squirt bottle to keep him off the table.

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Covid has forced people into bartering.

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Lady Gaga, what a legend.

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TIFU by going to get a Mtn. Dew from my garage and getting a gun pointed at me instead.

This actually did happen today at about 2am. TL;DR at the bottom

My dad is out of town so I’m home alone this week. I was up really late because I fucked up and didn’t do this assignment that was due in the morning.

I was starting to get really tired so I decided to get a little hit of caffeine. I went down to the garage because we have an extra fridge there and I grabbed a soda. I walked back to the door to go inside but the door wouldn’t budge.

This is when I realized I fucked up, because not only did I just lock myself out of the house with no shirt, no keys and no phone. I also failed to remember that my home security system was armed.

Right as I finished that thought:

“WooooOOOOOooo WooooOOOOOooo!”

My surprisingly loud security system went off (there’s a 30 second delay to allow someone to punch in the security code before it goes off). I start panicking and trying to force the door open so I can shut the alarm off. I realized that wasn’t gonna work and just started pacing and freaking the fuck out. It took longer than I’m proud of realize that I’m in a garage and I can just open the garage door.

After I raised the garage I ran to the front door and... locked. Of course. Fortunately for me though there’s 3 other doors on the side and back of the house that I could get into the house from, unfortunately for me those too were locked. I defaulted back to stress pacing until I decided fuck it, the cops will be here soon and maybe they can help me. Well, I was half right.

I open the side gate and walk back to the front of the house when all the sudden someone screams at me “STOP! LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!” I freeze up in fear because I’m realizing that two cops who are responding to a home invasion are now pointing a gun at me, the weird shirtless guy coming from the backyard.

I complied with their orders and explained that I live here, I just set off the alarm and locked myself out. They looked up the homeowner, my dad, and gave him a call. Needless to say, my dad wasn’t too happy to be receiving a call from the police at 2am asking if the dumbass who locked himself out of his own house was his son.

Once they were satisfied that I lived there, one officer brought out this device that just sort of popped the door open for me. I thanked them, shut the alarm off, and used the adrenaline coursing through my veins to bust out the remainder of my homework.

TL;DR: I was home alone late at night and got a drink from the garage, not realizing that I locked myself out and that I just set off the alarm. While I was trying to find a way into my house the police showed up and pointed a gun at me, thinking I was trying to break in.

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🔥 Dolomites, Italy 🔥

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I love that life makes sense for him now

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I’ve seen this movie before...

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When dada is your biggest cheerleader

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